Hope And Prayer

All sorts of things to hope for with a sky like this.

This morning is a morning filled with hope. The sky which has been either rainy or foggy since I got home is banded with the silver-grey-backlit white-occasional fluffy-occasional blue of a sky that is filled with hope for a whole slew of possible days. There are so many ways a day like today could go. If I just look at the surface of the water and where it meets the horizon it looks like more rain or fog. If I look up a bit from the horizon I begin to get that big band of intriguing back lit white with dashes of grey in the midst, this day hopes to be like heaven with beautiful clouds both back lit and front lit filling a blue sky in long tendrils. If I go up a bit from that I see fluffy white clouds which show me the possibility of a lovely day filled with blue, light and some relieving shade, a well balanced day. And if I go all the way to the top of my window I see a big blue patch, which gives me hope that the rain that has been pelting us here for the last couple weeks may indeed be drawing down. So as the sky does it’s dance and the clouds and the blue keep working it out I see hope in all possibilities.

My beloved Karen is headed, right now as I write this, to a new ropes course with a new course facilitator, a new co-leader and a new group of leadership participants. I am hoping and praying that she and all those she is with have a grand and transformative time, a time of flow and ease, a time of laughter and tears, a time of shattering and opening of hearts, a time of discovery and recognition of personal power, and a time of deep love and blossoming consciousness.

5 delightful and deeply conscious women from my Black Lodge are headed to my house for a sleep over and some great spiritual grounding conversations and ritual. I hope and pray that my house will be the perfect place for this gathering and that wonderful deepening and brightening will happen. I hope that we find the laughter and the joy in the work we do together as well as the sincerity and depth. I hope for a great time of ease, flow and transformation in our gathering of seekers.

Hope and Prayer. I realize that these are two words I don’t use very often and when I do I sometimes have little pangs of resistance or disbelief in my mind. I can track these pangs back to a spiritual rebel that I was in my youth that still doesn’t like to use “mushy spiritual words”. I am grateful to that rebel as he has been responsible for a lot of honing and shaping of my language so that I have gotten pretty good at bringing “acceptable secular” language to spiritual contexts and concepts, often so that the people I am working with don’t even realize that they are waking up their spiritual selves at first and do not get caught in all of their own old spiritual traps. However I realize now that some of these words that the rebel has banned from my lexicon are actually quite useful and effective at communicating some energies that I don’t express well with other words. I like to use the word “sourcing” sometimes for prayer and “open to and excited for the possibilities” for hope, and I will still use these words and concepts. I am bringing back to my vocabulary, though, hope and prayer.

Hope is a state of intention combined with openess in my way of seeing it and prayer is a conversation with the universe, a dance with the beloved, that begins with every thought I have and ends with spirit manifesting into form.

At least that is the way I am seeing these wonderful words this morning as I sip my tea and look at the changing sky that represents all the hope I have in my heart.

3 responses to “Hope And Prayer

  1. Beautiful post, Henry. Thanks for writing this. From my perspective, spirituality also lives in the very choices we make to see. The fact that we can choose to see a rainy day or the sun or whatever we make of our view is the mark of The Creator/God/Goddess within us. My hope and prayer for today is that we all appreciate all aspects of the sacred within each of us.
    Awed by reality,

  2. Hello Dear Henry!

    Reading your phrase “acceptable secular language” just gave me a warm fuzzy little flashback to R3, and to some of my languaging which seemed deemed not fully acceptable by some. 🙂 And it’s all good….

    Hmmmm. Big Smile!

    Love & Laughter to you.

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