Roar Water Dragons Roar

Fare The Well Water Dragons - Lead On

I just returned from an amazing week of Leadership and consciousness with the all powerful Water Dragons. This tribe came in from all over the place, both literally and metaphorically, 10 months ago. Some of them had ideas, expectations and hopes about what would happen for them. Some of them came in mystery on the advice of a friend or loved one, having not a clue about what they were getting into. Some came in ready to grab onto the reins of powerful leadership only to discover that those reins were connected to a very different beast then they imagined. Some even came in to add another notch to their belt of transformative experiences only to be surprised by what life and this program offered. Over the course of these months they merged and split, they dove deep and soared high, they laughed, cryed, danced and sang out. As they swam through the waters of The Leadership Program they grew strong in their Water Dragon Body and launched themselves powerfully into a world that will be different because they are in it. They powerfully took the baton of leadership out of the hands of my co-leader Mary Butler and mySelf, and grasping it firmly headed off for the finish line of both the program and of creating the transformation in the world that they intend to create with a powerful and resourceful body of fellow Water Dragons at their back. Roar Water Dragons Roar.

So now I am home perched in my aerie looking out over the ocean and the low hanging fog in contemplation of my leadership and the difference I am making in the world and what I am doing to keep the diamond of consciousness polished to a bright luster. I am contemplating what it is I need to tighten down in mySelf to Walk the Talk of the conscious leader. It doesn’t take much contemplation really. I know exactly what is needed. I have even begun scheduling and practicing what I need to do to screw in the loosening screws, I know exactly which screws have loosened up a bit in the last few months and which screw driver to use to tighten them back down. Opportunities abound for me outside mySelf as I clean up my own act. Opportunities abound inside mySelf as I commit and knuckle down on my projects and quests. That is the wonderful paradox of consciousness, I don’t have to sit around and wonder where to put my attention. When I fully invest my attention in one direction everything else gets more vivid and bright. When I remember to ground mySelf in Who I Really Am, using any number of practices that I have learned over the years and then act from that grounded Self, I notice that I act in ways that further my own growth and evolution and also further the evolution, growth and transformation that is wanted and needed by life.

And when I let the screws get too loose and forget, I notice that life bumps along and I even do and say smart things and can still be pretty effective at creating powerful shifts in both mySelf and others, and it just seems to have a lot less shine to it. It feels like something is “wrong” or “out of sorts”, I notice that I am more emotionally unstable and easier to “hook”. Old tap root feelings of judgment start to make their ways back into my story, I feel fat and out of shape and lazy and blah blah blah.

So here I am tightening down the screws of my practices and getting my Bear all buffed up, shining the shell of my turtle and pointing mySelf back on the road of intention, moderation, restraint, consciousness and integration.

5 responses to “Roar Water Dragons Roar

  1. Hello Henry:

    I love the image of you buffing up your Bear and shining the shell of your turtle. Rock on dear Diamond Bear!

    I love you!

  2. Roar!!
    Beautiful piece. And the Water Dragons love you ❤

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    specialized coaching as a value-added customer service benefit…hmmmm

  3. We love you too Diamond bear!
    We WILL make difference in the world and you and Marry will always be part of the spark when we will shine!

    Love always,

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