Words can hug us or wrap us up, our choice.

Ah words. They can be so beautiful and so powerful. They can be shaped and crafted into poetry that sings to the soul. They can be spoken into the universe as a prayer and miraculous transformations will occur as a result. They can be thought and spoken at the water cooler and people can be brought down and humiliated and the life sucked out of them. They can be formed into philosophies that help life to evolve and seek to destroy life as we know it. They can be used to deepen consciousness and they can be used as a distraction and route to unconsciousness.

Yet it can be impossible to find words when I really need them to help me express a profound experience, a deeply held truth of my spirit or soul, an expression of purpose or value or essence. It seems I can do a fairly capable job of wrapping words around these energetic, spiritual and soulful experiences. This sometimes actually protects them from being fully known, fully expressed or fully realized. These words though never get to the seed of the experience, the core, the truth. It seems that these essential experiences are somehow beyond language, and yet language is what we use to make something real and to manifest it in this universe.

It is essential that we keep writing and speaking our ways into that core, even if we can’t find the words. We need to speak around it, above it, below it, beside it. We need to keep the conversation around it open and flowing and not think we have it. The conversation needs to be brilliant and stupid at the same time, it needs to be poetry and stumbling about at the same time. It needs to be written, sung, spoken, painted, sculpted, danced, drummed, played and dreamed over and over again. I need to give up the destination and yet yearn for it constantly. The destination of being able to put my essence into words is forever in front of me and one of the reasons I am on this earth, who ever that “I” is. And yet I need to love and respect the journey of it as much as I yearn to reach the destination. I need to keep circling and spiraling around and around with my words looking for a clearer and richer way of speaking about those essential experiences that are there in the core of my spirit. Yes there are many languages and systems that do a grand job, in there own way, of finding the words that speak to that essence, and I need to find my own. The words that I find make it possible for me, this wonderful amalgam of spirit and matter that is currently walking on this earth and writing in this blog, to know mySelf and the Universe and all the wisdom contained therein. And yet I will have to use words invented by others, reinvented by me, reinterpreted by me, maybe sometimes invented by me to get to that essence. As I interpret, invent and reinvent I am going to need to express it so that it becomes real in the universe which means that you will need to understand what the heck I am talking about. This is a journey worth taking and one that I have been on this entire lifetime. Oh goody.


I walked away after eating half a bowl of cereal and berries this morning feeling quite satisfied. I did a bit of parking lot walking and went to a movie yesterday, an interesting solo date with Karen where we went to the same movies in different towns and then called each other to talk about it, where I had some popcorn and an In and Out burger and fries afterwords. So I still have some old habits to pull back and some new ones to strengthen.

3 responses to “Words

  1. I love your description of finding the right words as an on-going journey ~ of the need to keep on failing and trying and failing and trying to speak and write our way to the core! We have to keep on creating and exploring with words and language! YEAH!

    ‘Language is a process of free creation; its laws and principles are fixed, but the manner in which the principles of generation are used is free and infinitely varied. Even the interpretation and use of words involves a process of free creation.’ ~Noam Chomsky

  2. Riffin! Gliding, oooohoopslipping, skipping, step-stepp-steppping. I meant to do that, but not until I did it. I blinked too.

    More fruit, less fries I suppose, but who can argue with any food that gets to be Henry too, however briefly.

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