Wood and Webinar

How I will imagine my keyboard during the webinar :-))

I dreamed last night of wood. No not the kind of wood you might be thinking about, nor firewood, nor “the woods”, nor things made of wood, but the element wood. The part of all of us that is wood. I woke up knowing somehow I had dreamed of the element in 5 Element Chinese Acupuncture. Not knowing my acupuncture elements very well I woke up and googled it and found:

The Wood Element corresponds to Spring, which is a time of new growth, increasing activity and longer days. In the individual, Wood corresponds to having a vision of the future, having the ability to organize, plan and initiate action, and to express emotions, including anger, in a healthy manner. Wood includes the function of the biliary tract, liver, ocular system and musculoskeletal system. When not in balance, the Wood Element correspondences include difficulty in making decisions, high levels of frustration, excessive need for control, inappropriate anger, difficulty relaxing, anxiety, chronic muscular problems such as fibromyalgia, headaches (including migraine) and visual problems. ”

I woke up feeling very powerfully the healthy expression of wood. I was fascinated to see that it was about having a vision of the future and initiating action in particular. In about an hour I am going to be doing a webinar with 5 or 6 hundred people from all over the world, where Dr. Art Shirk and I will be breaking up some myths about co-active coaching and establishing some new frameworks and paradigms in which co-active coaching and leadership will be held in the future. It feels like a watershed moment and my dream seemed to confirm it.

The myth that the coach is invisible and holds no agenda will be busted. The myth that the coach only sits back and follows where ever the client leads will be busted. These myths were created in the early workshops intentionally to separate the coach from their egos and opinions as much as possible so that they could truly listen to their client, rather then listening to their client through the filter of all their opinions and judgments. This is an extremely important step in the preparation of excellent listeners, which coaches need to be. However it doesn’t mean that the powerful “wanter” that the coach is also gets thrown out with that bath water. The coach needs to have a powerful “stake” for the client. A stake that is firmly planted for the transformation of that client, for the highest possibilities for that client. A coach is not a follower, a coach is a leader pointing that client to their vision and possibilities and looking for ways and opportunities to do that pointing in transformational leaps and bounds rather then incrementally building them up from their weaknesses. Somehow, somewhere the message got out that coaching was about JUST listening and asking questions, letting the client lead the coach around and around going nowhere. This paradigm is going to shift today and everyday henceforth, and my dream verified it with all the wood that was in it.

You might be able to tell that I am sorta excited about this upcoming webinar, actually series of webinars that will be happening over the next month and a half. Well truth be told I am excited by the vision and the conversation that will get stimulated and a little in mystery about the vehicle. The nature of these webinars are structured in the old academic form, which goes a bit against my grain. It is about Art and me talking while the masses who are out there all over the world are listening and looking at pictures on their computers. There will be no interactions, except for fielded questions (similar to raising your hand in class) and very little experiences other then listening to the brilliance of Art and mySelf. This of course will be highly entertaining and my hopes for deep retention or grasping of context are not high. My hopes for stimulating further conversations are high though and when it comes down to it that is often the most important thing, isn’t it? The universe is created in every conversation.

Maybe some of you who are reading this will be on the webinar, in which case I’ll say hello to you now, cause I won’t be able to there. For those who aren’t and wold like to take this free webinar or one of the two upcoming ones you might want to CLICK HERE. It is an important conversation and I am proud to promote it here on my blog, where I don’t promote many things.

One response to “Wood and Webinar

  1. I missed the webinar and I am SO excited that you are busting the no-agenda myth. I have a client who was told by the teacher of her marketing seminar (after she gave her 1 minute niche statement) that she had an agenda and that, as a coach, she could not have one. That drove me beserk! well, almost. Yay for wood, Yay for vision, Yay for agendas and leadership and Yay for you!

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