Webinars and Prayers

How do I look at this.......

How do I look at this................

Sooooo I think the webinar went alright. The tech stuff was pretty well worked out after a disastrous dress rehearsal. (Which in theatre land is of course good luck.) Art and I talked after the call and we were pleased with the conversation and a few emails came in saying Thank you. It is an unusual experience to be sitting here in my sweat pants looking at a computer screen in Dillon Beach with my co-leader in Boston in front of his computer screen and my wife and partner at the office on mute in front of her computer screen fielding the written questions and forwarding appropriate ones on to us to answer. It is the most removed I have ever been from the people I am really talking to. Even here in this blog my primary audience is ME, mySelf, and I. Any of you out there are witnessing whatever I am saying to me and sometimes commenting on it. I can feel you out there and I am in no way doing it FOR you. I am being a complete exhibitionist with my process, and the intended transformational conversation is pointed towards mySelf.

....... and feel this?

In the course room it is just the opposite. I am there in a circle of souls that are hungry for their own transformations and I am there to do whatever is at my disposal to catalyze that transformation. I am able to read the emotional cues, listen to the stories, feel the level 3 of the room, make decisions in the moment to go this way or that based on what it is that I am reading in these hungry souls. I love that. I live for being in those rooms and being the co-conductor of that transformational orchestra.

This webinar experience is completely different from either of those two familiar and enjoyable experiences. In this environment my awareness needs to be out on the listeners, and because I can’t see, hear, or smell them or the space they are sitting in I must imagine it, and even that is difficult because their are hundreds of them all over the world in different spaces and moods. So the only thing left for me is hope. I must be as interesting as I can be and empower my wonderful partner Art to be as interesting as he can be, of course realizing that “interesting” is even a value judgment that changes from person to person and culture to culture. We must be clearly aligned around our stake and share a passion for it and do our best to create enthusiasm with each other, again hoping that the enthusiasm we create is infectious. We can also do our best to create experience and language that translates well, pictures or slides that create some sort of emotional connection to what we are talking about. In the end though we have to hope and pray that our message is being transmitted and that an experience of what it is we are having a conversation about is making it’s way out over the ether and into the beings that are all over the world looking and listening to their computers. Hmmmm. The possibilities for this media are tremendous and the way we are developing it forces us into an academic model that I have spent all of my life breaking out of. This media can show me whether or not people are distracted or multi tasking but it can’t give me an emotional read or a physical read. I can’t find the level 3 of the group energy and no where to place the emphasis so that as much context and experience as possible get laid in to that being or those beings.

My prayer is for the development of technology and media that allows me to bring transformational education, contextually based – experientially driven – transformative learning to individuals in different locations at the same time. My prayer is that within my life time I see an appreciation of “cellular learning” as a foundation to all education. That the education of the whole being, body, mind, spirit, and emotions, replaces the education of just the mind. That the systems we have for creating learning automatically set themselves up for an holistic learning, rather then a didactic learning. That the hunger for learning is nurtured in every cell of the being and left open and hungry for more.

I will keep working in the environments I am given to keep stretching them as much as possible towards this prayer with excitement and enthusiasm, while keeping this prayer blasting out to the universe. Check out the next webinar and let me know how I am doing.

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