Thanks for the comments

And a Hug.Today is a Book Writing Day. I will be getting on the phone in about a half hour with my co-author David Warren Skibbins and we will be power writing and checking in with each other every hour for the next 4 or 5 hours as we write and send stuff to each other. So I am not going to burn up my riffing brain cells on something here in the blog, because all riffs are getting pointed to the book. I hope any readers out there will forgive me as you have so many times before and buy at least 10 copies of the book. More to come on that later.

However I do want to say something about yesterdays post which drew some attention. I am always amazed at how “bad” draws more attention then “good” and how “problems” seem to call more conversation forth then “solutions”. It may be my sense of humor that is weird for some folks or it may be that it really looked like I had a problem with the binge that I talked about in yesterdays blog. But some of the comments and emails I received seemed to think that there was something to help me work out or resolve around my binge and my responses to it. I am grateful, truly, for the clear care and concern that folks have for me and my health and well being, and I think that I need to be a bit more obvious in my writing. Especially when I am poking fun at mySelf a bit and in that poking fun I am learning more about this wonderful, integrating, resolving, powerful, and conscious Self that I am being and becoming.

So thanks for the comments that kick me in the ass and for the comments that pat me on the head, thanks for the comments that point the way and that tell me how inspiring I am. Thanks for the comments that let me know that I haven’t done a good job of communicating what I want to say and the comments that let me know that what I said went straight into the heart as clear and clean as an arrow.

Hope you like the book.

2 responses to “Thanks for the comments

  1. I like where you are pointing Henry – to the feedback piece. I have noticed the same on my blog. I’m pretty transparent, ok, very transparent, about my process and when I write about the darker moments, I tend to get comments and direct emails geared toward helping, advising and enlightening me. Really, they are moments in time, these postings. So, yes, maybe I need to learn to be clearer in some way. And maybe I just won’t care and let it be. Like you, I’m especially grateful that they read the blog and they take the time to respond. That’s a beautiful thing.

  2. Interesting discussion. My view – as a keen blogger – is that I’m putting it all out there in the public domain, I have a comments section which I don’t disable (I could). But I can’t control what happens to what I write on my blog – things might or might land really differently then what I intend. I guess all writers, artists, filmakers get the same thing with their creations. If someone wants to give me advice, well, I’ve invited it really – by blogging in public about a situation or dilemna – that’s my perspective on it. There are some things I don’t blog on because I don’t want to go public or open myself up to comments, advice or public scunity. I’ve had private blogs actually in because I loved the blogging for myself as a diary really. Once I had a blog for me and my coach – that was kinda cool!

    But once we go public, my perspective is well, that’s it – it’s outside of our control how it lands. Although I think it is useful feedback, maybe, when several people miss the point it can be a sign we aren’t being clear. Or our impact isn’t as intended. Or whatever.

    BUT like you guys, I LOVE comments – I love that someone has taken the time to read and respond to a post, and I love someone has been brave enough to publicity state an opionion or form a thought based on my post – even if it isn’t exactly on target or spot on or totally in sync with me. It’s so cool!

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