Committing To A Personal Cause

This is Clark Summit Farm,
I buy my beef, pork, chicken and eggs from Liz Cunningham and Dan Bagley.
All grass fed, pasture raised happy animals to the last moment.
I think you can taste the lack of stress in the quality of the meat.

I have found a new cause that I am all lit up about. It is one of those paradoxical “new” causes that is actually all about unlearning “new” ways of doing things and learning “old” ways all over again. In most cases learning to do some things the way my grandparents generation did things and maybe even my great grandparents would be more accurate. It is a cause that is global in it’s consciousness that can only be done completely locally in order to walk the talk of the cause. It is a cause that snuggles right up next to my blog and to my program of Moderation 1/3 2/3s. It is a cause that I am beginning to think may be the most important cause I could ever get behind. It is a cause that completely loves and nourishes my body and soul. It is a cause that will change how I live my life and even what my politics are to a certain extent. I have become a passionate convert to this cause and I am a little scared of how it will impact and disrupt my life as I know it, and I am sort of excited by all the possibilities for new experiences it open up for me as I explore new ways of doing things and new places to go.

Cause: Thinking Global by EATING Local

I am in the midst of reading, reading, reading. It all started with Michael Pollan’s “Omnivores Dilemma”, then it moved into Pollan’s “Defense of Food”, then on to “Slow Food Nation” by Carlo Patrini, and I just finished “Holy Cows and Hog Heaven” by Joel Salatin. I have a short stack of books to read still that will probably say more of the same thing, but I don’t care, cause I am a man with a new CAUSE.

We humans are really messing up in a big way what it is that nurtures us.

I began appreciating that in High School as the ecology movement and environmental movement was being born. I saw how we were messing up the earth and fouling up our future. I marched, protested, picked up litter, wrote letters and, in a very earnest way, did my best to change the way we humans related with the environment. I also did it like an earnest teenager would, blowing in the wind in this direction and then that thinking I was having an effect and not really. I was also stopping the war in Vietnam, the Republicans, and doing lots of theatre and listening to great music. Ah youth.

What I didn’t get then and is just beginning to dawn on me now, in the last few years, is that LOCAL doesn’t mean “in my community” or even “in my school” or even “in my family”. LOCAL means IN ME. Most of my life has been wonderfully focused as an activist artist whose canvas is everything outside himself, very Global. I have done great things and will continue to do great things with the global focus I have had. The purpose of my life continues to have a global focus and I am dedicated to making a difference with human consciousness, I mean what could be more “global” then that. What I have realized in the last couple of years, very deeply in mySelf, is that:

Local=Global when the attention is Global.
Local=Self Absorption when the attention is Local.

A Cause for me must be Local first. I must walk the talk of the cause “locally”. Step into it as fully and completely as I can and as I do, because I can’t help it, it will ripple out from me and the world will begin to shift as much as the ripples that touch it will allow.

I intend to do all that I can to support local farmers who are raising good food by buying my food as close to the source as possible. I intend to do my best to avoid foods that are processed and far removed from the farm. I intend to be in relationship with people who grow, cook and serve food and wine to both learn more about what and how they do what they do and to acknowledge, appreciate and sometimes disagree respectfully with practices they might use. In other words I intend to create honest and respectful relationships with those who nurture my body and take them for granted no more.

This cause needs a manifesto. I’ll write one in the next few weeks as I do a little more exploring and reading.

One response to “Committing To A Personal Cause

  1. Yeah, too right – what we do in our own backyards, neighbourhoods and homes is directly related to our global aspirations for social change – they are completely inter-linked. As the 70’s feminist slogan said, the personal is political!!!!! Check out Barbara Kingsolvers book about her families year long experiment to eat completely local food – very inspiring! Her website about it is here.

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