Breaking Down the Food for Yesterday

The bluberries I had were delicious
The only problem is that they came all the way from
New Zealand

I think I’ll kill two birds with one stone here in my blog for a bit. I’ll report the food I eat, to keep me conscious and accountable for the eating part and the food part. By the eating part it is similar to the accountability I did awhile back where I watched what foods I ate and noticed my degree of fullness and moderation with them. The food part is to notice where the food came from with an eye towards increasing my consciousness about how local am I eating and how long a distance my food is traveling to get to me. Of course the goal being to Eat Good Food that Comes From As Close As Possible. I think I will also put on the accountability list, for old times sake and because I know it really works for me to keep mySelf honest, the exercise or movement I do.

Yesterday was an interesting day to start on because Karen and I just hung out all day and followed our instincts for the most part and didn’t follow any schedule. For most of the day and night we just put out good food and had some when we felt like it, instead of eating meals.

Movement – Walked on the beach with Karen for an hour

Eating and Food

I did have breakfast
2 poached eggs (pasture raised on Clark Summit Farm)
2 pieces Rye toast (baked at bakery in Santa Rosa-15 miles away approx. don’t know where the ingredients came from.)
Grapefruit Juice, organic and only ingredient is grapefruit juice. (Distributed by Whole Foods Austin Tx. – I am guessing the grapefruit came from Mexico)
Yerba Mate tea (Distributed out of Sebastopol CA, comes from South America)

Lunch-Dinner was eaten very uncharacteristically by being laid out on the kitchen counter and little pieces of it taken throughout the day.
Strawberries – delicious and picked so ripe they were deep red all the way through. (they were local only I am not sure from where)
Pears – A little pulpy and crisp, not quite ripe. (I am sure they came from Mexico or further south)
Blueberries – big and juicy (These were shipped from New Zealand- Both amazed and not amazed at the price. a pint went for $4.99 which seems expensive except when you think of the long journey they took to get here it is amazing I didn’t have to turn over my car for them.)
Mixed Nuts – (from Whole Foods Austin Tx. Who knows where prior to that)
Walnuts – (same as above)
Smoked, Baked and Sliced of the bone (Right off Clark Summit Farm 5 miles away)
Dutch Gouda from the Netherlands, given to me by a Dutch participant in my Leadership Program as a gift (This is an interesting situation. The food was local for the person who bought it and then she brought it with her as a gift, so in a bazar way It IS local)
Riesling from Washington State – very good for an inexpensive Riesling (Not local and not sure what to do about wines yet)
We had 4 small squares of a chocolate bar – bittersweet and delicious (distributed in CA BUT from Italy)

So as you can see I am moving towards eating locally and yet a lot of the things I really like are out of season and some come from half way around the world. Just think of all the jet fuel used to get those blueberries, chocolate and tea to me. Which do I say bye bye to until the season arrives and which do I continue to use to support other things that is the tangle to sort out as I move forward.

Well as I am moving forward into my day and my week I am somewhat excited to be creating as much consciousness as I am about the journey my food takes to me. I often imagine that journey as I sit down to eat a meal as a form of gratitude and blessing. Now as I increase my awareness I can get more detailed in my imagining, and that imagining will actually help me untangle some of the web of food that is all tangled up around us humans. What fun.

I am also headed into a design session with Karen and some new folks this morning for the next three days and we are going to put the CTI magic touch on some NON CTI material and see how that works. So positive waves of supportive and creative energy from all of you readers will be greatly appreciated.

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