A Kimsey-House Ritual

Karen and I have a ritual that we have been doing annually since the year before we got married. We each had some previous form of this annual ritual prior to our meeting each other because we both evolved from the entertainment industry. As any good evolutionary theorist will tell you, in order to evolve you must “include and transcend”. In order for us to transcend to the next level of our evolution we have included this ritual and take it with us. In fact we have grown this ritual so that it starts in earnest in late January and grows in importance and urgency as we get into late February and now here we are in the first weekend in March and our entire weekend is focused on this transformational 🙂 ritual.

The Academy Awards

Some of you faithful readers out there are hiding your heads in embarrassment for us an crying tears of betrayal as you imagine these two conscious beings who are dedicating their lives to awakening consciousness spending so much time and effort on “irrelevant tripe”. Some of you are secretly celebrating with us and pretending to the world that you aren’t and some of you are out there in the world with your own Academy Awards rituals. I bless and understand each and every one of your points of views and they all fit into my evolutionary theory. In fact I imagine this ritual itself evolving over the next 20 years or so to be even more wonderfully obsessive and ridiculous. Some people have rituals similar to this ritual on arbitrarily assigned days like New Years Eve or Valentines Day, more power to you. Rituals are important I think.

I will share with you our ritual for Academy Awards. During the year we go to movies hoping that maybe this one or that one will be nominated for an award. In mid-late January the nominations come out. We print out the nominees and are chagrined to realize that we have seen very few of the nominated films, actors, actresses, writers or directors (our primary foci, we like to guess on all the other categories but we don’t make a point to see the all the films.) So we make plans to see as many of the films as possible in the next few weeks. We go to the Rialto Art theatre in Santa Rosa, which is usually playing the hard to see films, on a couple of weekends and see two movies a visit. We rent any videos that are out there and see them as well sometimes watching them separately at the same time, Karen in the apartment by work and me here at home. As Mr. Ruiz says in the Four Agreements, We Do Our Best.

We have completed the pilgrimage part of the ritual. The holy cinema shrines have been visited and the ritual popcorn and root beer have been consumed. It is now time to prepare for the HIGH CEREMONY. Because we don’t have broadcast tv at home and I haven’t yet figured out how to get live streaming of the Oscars on my tv, we will watch the shows at Karen’s apartment. Before that though we have to prepare the sacramental hors d’oeuvres and chill the sacramental sparkling wine. On Thursday we agree on the menu. On Friday I do the shopping. Today, Saturday we will do advance preparation of the repast and pack it in the tupperware for the journey down to Karen’s. Karen has already set her equipment to record everything from the Red Carpet show on E to the show itself. (We really don’t like watching the commercials so we watch in a slight time delay and fast forward through them.)

The menu we are preparing for our ritual this year is:

Oysters on the half shell – bought fresh from the oyster farm 10 miles from here – with a couple of delicious dipping sauces.

Bloody Mary Shrimp – served on chinese soup spoons this delectable bites of shrimp smothered in a spicy bloody mary sauce.

Spinach, pine nuts, and feta wrapped in phyllo dough – delicious miniature spanakopita.

Crab Hushpuppies dipped in a curried mustard sauce – delectable hot bites, very addictive.

Mushroom, Prosciutto, and Blue Cheese Bruschetta – something new this year.

Caviar on creme fresh and toast points.

And for the sacramental wine this year:

Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine – From right over the hill in Napa Valley. (We have been in the caves, had some fun there.)
A crisp, dry and fruity Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

After our advance preparations we will drive down to Karen’s apartment and line up these sacred appetizers and wines, take a shower to cleanse our bodies and don our ritual robes, (we see this being a place of evolution. Someday we see ourselves in tux and gown. It just doesn’t work in Karen’s bedroom). We fill the sacred laundry basket with balled up socks, pour the first glass of champagne, take a bite of our first appetizer, probably oyster, and watch the march down the red carpet. multiple socks!!Any time someone shows up in a ridiculous dress or outfit we throw a sock at the tv. We make lots of comments on every aspect of it throwing and gathering up socks and changing appetizer courses throughout the afternoon and into the night. When the awards show proper starts we also throw socks at terrible speeches, songs or acts. We rewind and play several times speeches or acts that move us.

When it’s all done and we have gotten a few interviews as people head into their various balls. We clean up the remains of the sacramental food and wine, give each other a big hug and kiss and sigh as another Academy Awards Ritual has been completed and the next one has already begun.

3 responses to “A Kimsey-House Ritual

  1. I love the image of throwing balled up socks at the TV. Made me laugh. My son and I are also avid Oscar watchers. Our ritual isn’t formalized, yet it is a time of connection and fun. Those who know me, know not to interrupt my Oscar watching. The greatest academy moment for me was when Geoffrey Rush from Australia won best actor for “Shine”. I worked with him in Australia at Belvoir Street Theatre and when he thanked everyone from the Sydney Theatre community, Jeremy said ‘that is you Mom’. I have a friend who has a gathering and the food they bring is themed on the Best Movie nominations. I love that idea. Enjoy!

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