Preparations Continue.

OMG..... Sometimes it's just hard to get too much of a good thing.

For those of you avid readers I wish to inform you that the Spinach, Feta and Pine nut stuffing was made yesterday and is going in the Phyllo Dough this morning. We also made the Mushroom, Blue Cheese and Prosciutto topping for the Crostini, the mignonette sauce for the Oysters and the Bloody Mary Sauce for the Shrimp. It is all in TupperWare and ready to transport to Karen’s Apartment. Our mouths started salivating for the oysters and I got so many (There was a special deal you get a dozen for $10 or 4 dozen for $32, so heck I got 4 dozen), I got to practice my shucking skills last night and it’s not as difficult as I was imagining. We slurped down half the oysters last night and we’ll have the second half tonight with the Oscars. What a delightful slurping it was, a delicious and nutritious treat.

Which brings me to my food consumption yesterday. It was a very clean day. Above 50% local. Started out with cereal (don’t know where it’s from) CA strawberries and raspberries topped with pastured milk from a dairy 10 miles from here. Lunch was some left over home made ham and bean soup. Made with a ham bone from a pig raised 6 miles from here and local veggies from our CSA and dried beans from bean farms about 80 miles south of here. Dinner started out with the oysters, 10 miles from here and then we had a salad made with local greens, carrots, green onion. The tomato and the cuke were organic California grown, but I don’t know where from. We also had some pine nuts and left over roasted chicken on the salad, origin again unknown. I had some organic Ranch dressing in the fridge that I used and will use up and not buy in the future as it just has too many ingredients in it that come from who knows where. Karen had some balsamic vinegar from Italy and some Sonoma Valley Olive Oil.

I also felt wonderful about the quantities and know that I still have some consciousness expanding to do around consciousness and slowing down as far as the eating goes, especially when I am eating with Karen or anyone else for that matter. I ate the cereal with great consciousness and finished it, which implies to me that I probably ate it a little fast. I ate the the soup and left a little in the bowl, which tells me that I can slow down some and I didn’t go unconscious at the end. I was delightfully conscious with each oyster both in the shucking and the slurping. The salad was the right size and I didn’t feel full even though I took my time eating it. We ate that salad while watching a movie and I am working towards stopping that practice and yet sometimes it is just a lot of fun to sit together in front of a good movie and enjoy it all. Oh I forgot Karen made some Kettle Korn for a snack during our second movie with organic popcorn from who knows where and some Tupelo Honey from Florida.

Well off to the Oscars. Have a great day.

2 responses to “Preparations Continue.

  1. Henry – I have so enjoyed these Oscar posts. The foodie in my is in heaven and the movie lover is also… I too have some rituals around the Oscars and have added a new twist this year with a new friend and I’m really excited.

    Have fun!!

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