Debrief and Prep

He filled that theatre with his energy 100%. No-one was going to tell him to sit down.

Well all ceremonies and rituals are complete and life moves on to the next thing. It was a delightful day with socks flying and new discoveries being made. Red Carpets and rain. Young stars trying to fill the shoes of the old and not able to pull it off very well yet. Some of them will grow into the shoes and some the shoes will just stay too big. Lots to dish, and the thing that gets me the most is how these people who are getting up in front of the world to express gratitude for all the people who helped them get where they are and helped them to do the brilliant work that they did, don’t get to. Some ridiculous director has determined that 15 seconds or so of thanks is enough per award. So when a bunch of people come up to accept an award you either see the biggest ego hog the mike, or you see the pushiest person in the group push their partner out of the way and take the mike or in one blazing moment of co-activity you see a husband and wife team go up to accept an award and in a seamless co-active dance they fill the space at 100%-100% and each gets said all that needs to be said and everyone feels great. Then there is always one great exception, this year it was Jeff Bridges. When he got up there on the stage you could feel his energy filling the whole place and he was going to say what he was going to say and NO-ONE was going to stop him. He wasn’t dominating the space he was just claiming it and owning it as his completely. It was a superb example of a complete emanation of both power and grace, with plenty of clumsy authenticity thrown in to make it all very human.

I don’t know where “they” get these idiots who do the stupid and inane questions on the red carpet. I am sure there are a lot of people in the world who really care a lot about the answers to these questions and care immensely about what this impossibly good looking man or woman think about the fashion and the make up and the “real” competition of the stylists. It sure feels like it is all one big commercial for a product I don’t care about one iota and truly wonder how many people really do. However I tolerate it with my fast forward button at the ready so that I can catch glimpses of the show biz types being human, what happens when the hand comes off the hip and the actress that I love so much suddenly reveals an instant of truth or reaction? Why is George Clooney working the fan fences from one end to the other with no one else? How freaky it must be for the Mom of this nominated actor to be thrust in the midst of this insane ritual, will she make it or will she implode? Who are these skinny little kids that look like they were made up by somebody in a lab somewhere to be what the perfect skinny metrosexual young man looks like or some gangly young princess who hopes to grow up some day to be Meryl Streep? I go to the movies and somehow I missed meeting these creations. Ahhhhhh I just love all the questions and the sock throwing opportunities. Not having a TV anymore and having no idea about the gossip and buzz I have no idea what everyone was so mad about around the movie “Precious”. I didn’t know that John Hughes or Brittany Murphy died. Who was Brittany Murphy anyway?

All of that actually takes a back seat and provides the excuse for the REAL ritual. The making and eating of the hors d’oeurves and the sipping of the champagne. All this was a wild success and a new discovery was made and will be repeated henceforth:

Oysters on the half shell with a dollop of creme fraishe, a scoop of caviar and a sprig of chevril. Followed with a sip of Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine. Heaven. Life was improved with every delectable mouthful and ridiculous that was on the TV was instantly forgiven.

Other pieces of the ritual worked their wonders and a grand time was had by all. OK enough with the Academy Awards Ritual. I now declare it complete and over for another year. Thanks for your patience as I work through the awareness and consciousness opportunities this ritual provided. 🙂

After some meetings at CTI today Karen and I head up to Sonoma to lead the last R5 with a group of 20 or so graduates of our Leadership Program. I am sure there will be other advanced Leadership Courses we will design, and I have a blast leading this one, especially with Karen. I will miss it when it is all done and I am looking forward to playing full out this week with this group. Boy I want to put more pairs and groups in front of people, like that couple last night at the Oscars that danced so beautifully together. People need to be able to listen deeply to each other and be able to step in from that place of deep listening and finish each others sentences. That dance needs to be the rule not the exception. So that is what I am up to this week with this group of people, looking at how to take of any remaining barriers to that ability and having folks step powerfully into creating from everything and each other. Enough waiting around and being bored with whoever is talking and waiting for my egos turn to show off. Time to just be and leap into full consciousness of who we are and who you are and dance together. Eh?

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