Having a Blast

Karen and Henry Having a Blast

Well they came from Europe, Asia, and North America, 20 intrepid souls, 20 players, 20 hungry learners, and we sat down in a room at Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma California and had a blast. We dug deeply into the level 4 Leadership Model and came out with gold. We opened up amazing superpower abilities to create a rainbow of colorful impacts in the world with our leadership and we tightened the screws down on what it is we are up to doing that will make a difference in this world. Magic, Miracles, Laughter, Tears, Aha’s, Frustrations, Judgments and lots of Love all happened this week as a little more life and consciousness was awakened in all of us.

Something else happened this week in Sonoma. Karen and I led together and for the first time in the 17 or so years we have led together, we had a complete blast the entire time. We didn’t get hooked into any of our couples crap, downward death spirals, co-dependent protection rackets, or make wrong blame games. We just had a blast. We each led powerfully and had our own points of view and our own voices that disagreed sometimes and agreed many times and kept riding the waves with a powerful shared intention of “having a blast” first and foremost. And we did. It is sort of like a realized dream we have had for each other and ourselves since the beginning of our relationship. We have “tried and tried” to have fun and ease when working together and we would certainly have some and there would always be that one fight or that mucky swamp we would end up wading through at some point in the program with each other. We would then be sad and sink into a bit more of a story of hopelessness that we would never be able to pull it off. Now here it is down the road a piece from where we started this journey of being married to each other and doing deep work with each other on many levels, in fact a couples therapist we visited together once was knocked back with astonishment when we told her how many ways we were entangled in our relationship with each other. We knew deep down inside that we could take this tangled web of a marriage and make it work so that we could actually have a good time while loving each other and doing our work together. Well we now know it is possible for an extended period of time and not just a moment here or there. Of course the extended time is composed of moments here and there, it’s just that we were able to have the moments not be so complicated and tangled and in some way we were able to have a clear stake and intention together of “having a blast” that blew us right by those tangled moments and made them disappear before they even materialized. Yeah us.

We stayed in a delightful inn in Sonoma that unfortunately had a wireless system that our Mac’s couldn’t connect to, which in this day and age I just can’t understand. How can I be in the middle of Spain, or somewhere in Africa, or somewhere out in the boonies in the middle of this vast country where I live that has so much, too much in fact, and I get great connectivity to the rest of the world, and I can be in Sonoma CA, near the heart of the internet and the technological Mecca of Silicone Valley, not to mention the wine country destination of millions of people, wealthy and privileged people, every year, and NOT have an internet connection that works? It completely baffles me. This is one of the reasons you, my loyal readers haven’t had anything of mine to read for the past week. That of course is changing now.

I ate as locally as I could at the retreat and avoided any food that I knew couldn’t have grown nearby in this season, which wasn’t difficult as the chef at Westerbeke was, I believe, shopping locally for the most part. I ate healthily and had a bit of sugar in some of the deserts, avoided wheat for the most part. Walked more then I do at home for the most part and need to keep looking at how to move more in my typical day, without it being “exercise”. I meditated a couple of times and found it something natural and easy to slip into and of course it had much to do with holding the intention of “having a blast” all week.

One response to “Having a Blast

  1. Great to have you back Henry… oh… I so wanted to go on that retreat… (please do one more?) …. how could you look at exercise and have it be play? 😉

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