We Don’t Need More

It's Kinda Like This

Last night I dreamed about being different, about standing out from the crowd. I dreamed about doing things fully and completely authentically and standing out from the crowd by getting REAL. I dreamed of the difference between Vanilla flavor and Vanilla extract, I have no idea why I dreamed this except it seemed very related to the other themes. I think when something is a “flavor” it is actually a bunch of chemicals created to represent something real and when it is an “extract” it is something that is actually extracted from the real thing, in this case the vanilla bean. A lot of people on this planet are being encouraged to “represent something real” rather then being real. We try so hard to be “just like” so and so or we want to be as skinny as her, or as strong as him, or as quick as him, or as smart as her. We want to be what and who we aren’t, instead of deeply desiring to be completely and fully what and who we are. We get frightened of standing tall and standing out declaring that this person you see in front of you is it. (Period) This person doesn’t need to become anything else, or fit in, or go along to get along, or be or do in any way other then the way the fully expressed and integrated Self that they are.

We do have a job to do on ourselves. We need to know ourselves completely. We need to know all parts of ourselves, the dark and the light, the failures and the successes, and what it is that we do that works and what it is that we do that doesn’t work and we need to keep developing ourselves so that who we are and what we do is able to fill a larger and more demanding world with all that we are. We don’t need more. We are enough and we have all we need inside us and inside the universe that we live in. Let’s get to know it completely and then stand tall in it, let the completeness of ourselves fill us to the very brim of us and then look out and see how it is we connect with others from this place and how we call others forth to this place of fullness and completeness.

One response to “We Don’t Need More

  1. Lovely thoughts Henry….so resonant.

    And it reminds me…that we contain ALL that our souls have chosen to live into, at birth. Our individual magnificence is there…as our very 1st birthday gift! And as you already know, my strongly held opinion is that this magnificent gift comes wrapped in unconditional love. 🙂 Of self…and fully open for flow to and from other. YUM.

    Thanks for sharing this…..and reminding everyone.
    Love & Laughter,

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