“The Irresistible Henry House” on my Birthday

Even with these glasses I am Irresistible!!!


Today is my birthday. It’s about 10:00 o’clock in the morning on March 22. I have begun my ceremony kicking off my 58th year. I believe when I turn 57 I do indeed kick off my 58th year. That is just a bit interesting to me, that my birthday doesn’t start the year it is numbering, it actually ends it. So today as I turn 57 in a way I am celebrating an amazing 57th year that has gone by, and all during this coming year when I realize that “I am 57”, I am actually declaring how old I was on my last birthday. So I am having this realization hit me that hits most everyone else around 2 or 3 years old. Wow this is going to be a great year. I am going to actually realize things like a 2 or 3 year old does!

One of my Facebook and CTI friends Matt Ahrens sent me an interesting tidbit today, quite a birthday present really. There is a novel out there titled “The Irresistible Henry House: A Novel”. The main character is named Henry House and he is an orphan raised in an all womens college in the 50’s. For those of you who didn’t know me prior to my marrying Karen Kimsey, my name used to be Henry House. I lived with that name for 41 years and then married Karen and became Henry Kimsey-House. Now I discover that as Henry House I am irresistible. Actually, being that today is my birthday, I get to be completely irresistible with any and all names that identify me. Henry Arthur House, Henry, Henro, Hank, Tiny, Guru Hanktananda, Hendrushki, Henry Kimsey-House, HendrySan, Diamond Bear. Even the painful nicknames get to be completely irresistible today. Henrietta, mouse-house, apartment-house, out-house, and all the other possible things you could add to House that would cast aspersions on it. Yep they are all being celebrated today as irresistible. I ordered the novel on my new birthday present to mySelf, a Kindle. I look forward to another way to understand me that the author has thought up. Irresistible.

I couldn’t decide what to put first in this post, the funny or the deep. Then I did. I want this year to be all about lighter without losing the depths.

My ceremony began in earnest this morning when I woke up a 6am and was dressed and in the car by 6:05 and in the pool by 6:30, swam 31 laps, a couple quick errands and home by 8. Meditation, Shower, a delicious and leisurely breakfast of sauteed chard, locally grown, with two pasture raised eggs cooked in dips in the chard and then the whole thing served over a combo of wild rice, from my friend ThunderWolf who harvests it in Northern Minnesota in canoes, mixed with some brown rice from Sacramento. I came up to the computer and opened the first birthday card from my beloved Karen. She has left 4 for me. I am to open one a day for the next 4 days. The first card was an incredibly loving letter that talks about the gift of love that she is giving me by being out on the land in New Mexico these next two weeks and allowing the astonishing transformation to occur in her that the land and these teachings will bring to her. It was challenging for her to leave me and all of her rapid fire world of CTI behind and head off to the canyon for a couple of weeks and yet she knew in her heart and her spirit that it was exactly the place to be, not only for herself, but for me too, and for CTI too, and for the world of human and consciousness development. So thank you Karen for this amazing birthday present. My heart is happy and my spirit is soaring that you are where you are and I miss you bunches.

6 responses to ““The Irresistible Henry House” on my Birthday

  1. Dear Irresistible Henry of many names: my eyes have teared up with gratitude for the presence of you in my life and this is how I am celebrating your birth-day. When I read your blog, I get to sink into real-ness and that is an incredible gift as well.

    Something about today is very tender and fresh and new. Your writing sings in harmony with that.

    many blessings Diamond Bear!

  2. You are a gift to me and everyone you cross paths with. I love you lots and lots!

    May joy shower you all day, all year, for the rest of your life.



  3. Happy Birthday, Henry. I saw that book and immediately thought of you. What a wonderful birthday blog! You are an amazing man and I am so happy that I spent that afternoon with you on Broadway in Oakland. It will stay with me forever. I can’t even imagine how lovely it would be to have you in my life on a day to day basis.
    I wish you many more birthdays and hope to meet your loving wife one day. Love and hugs, your fellow API-er, Paulette
    ; )

  4. I would say *especially* in those glasses, you are irresistable!

    Such a blessing to have you and your leadership and your transparency and your wackiness and your commitment to awakening us all in my life.

    Have a splendid year!

  5. Henry —
    Hope your birthday was splendid, and that you use your Irresistibility for good. As you’ll see when you read the afterword, the person this book was originally based on was named Bobby Domecon. I think you[ll agree Henry House was a big step up!
    All the best wishes —

  6. Henry,
    I am sending you birthday wishes for the best year ever — we are living in such amazing and inspiring times. You have inspired so many with your irresistible teachings and self. Thank you.


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