What’s Normal?

It was sort of like this with mist on the water and no palm trees.

Day 2 of my personal ceremony.

Up at 6:15-out the door at 6:20 and in the pool by 7:05. 35 or so laps with the last 15 being quite meditative indeed as the sun came up on the pool and the mists wafted over the water and I skimmed down the lane that I had all to my self. Today I swam with earplugs in so that I wouldn’t have to shake rattle and roll to get the water out of my ears like I did yesterday. I gotta say when I shut out all the sounds around me and all I heard was my own breathing and a little splashing as I moved the water around me, it was quite magical indeed. I didn’t feel any need to hurry at all and just swam in silence as the light changed around me with every lap. My muscles were a little sore and complaining from yesterdays swim and from having been hanging out in the lazyboy a little too much, but in the silence and that mystical light it mattered very little. By 7:45 I was wending my way back home with a stop at the general store in Valley Ford for a couple of items for todays menu. I was up in my cupola/alter sitting on my zafu and meditating as the waves crashed on the beach outside and the garbage truck made its rounds, breathing easily and fully the time was up before I felt like complaining which is a very good thing. I made my way down to the kitchen for a little conscious cleaning up of my dishes and leftovers from yesterdays Birthday meals and visits. Finally I took a bowl with 3 amazing strawberries from the farmers market and some of the best walnuts mixed up with some yogurt from an organic dairy 10 miles away from here out onto the deck on a warm and sunny morning for a delightful breakfast. Now I am up here staying open for what ever comes to me as I roll back and forth on my big ball here at my desk.

This is how I would like to start every day. The first 6 hours of the day devoted to mySelf and the practices that I like to do to keep mySelf completely integrated and conscious. Unfortunately there are many mornings when the world wants something from me before noon. Sometimes it wants things from me and I let it want those things from me at 8 or 9 and then I have to put a little rush into my Bear and Turtle. Sometimes I am traveling or leading a Leadership Program where I have to be places and transform lives at 7am and there isn’t any pool around. In these times I just have to flow with the energy required and realize that this way of doing things that I am engaged in today is the norm and everything else is adapted responses to what the universe is putting in front of me. I have to, and this isn’t news to me or to anyone else it is just difficult as all get out, flip the way I am in reality. Instead of this being the special ceremony that I do on infrequent occasions and then get back to the hustle and bustle of “normal” life, running around thinking every fire in front of me is life or death and must be dealt with immediately, I need to realize that this day today is NORMAL and the rest is just choices I make to respond to my world when and how I want. Thats all.

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