Stickin To It, Thanks To An Asian Pear

The sweetness of this beauty reminded me who I am.

Day 3 and the clock went off at 6:15 this morning and I hit the snooze bar twice before I got out of bed. It’s a complaining kind of day. It’s grey outside now and it was still pitch black first thing in the morning and what seemed like adventure yesterday seemed like a dark and lonely pain in the butt this morning. My body was stiff and sore from the last two days swimming and my mind was wanting all sorts of vacation time. My commitment and intention took over and I pulled on my pants, shirt and socks and grabbed my already prepared swim bag as I slipped into my shoes and trudged out to the car. In the pitch black of the morning as I was driving to the pool I hit a skunk, it looked just like road until I was on top of it. I got to the pool and it was lightly raining or heavily misting and 40 degrees, the lanes all had people in them so I would have to share a lane. I started swimming and the voices of doubt, sabotage, and sluggishness began to fade into the background. Half way though my swim a lane opened up with no one in it and I bobbed over there and had a lane to myself. I sunk into the meditation of it and slowed down a bit and by the time I had finished my 35 or so laps the day was officially grey. I got out of the pool and my sore muscles were a bit grateful I think. I did it though, I got through day 3’s swim. I didn’t give in to the excuses and the whine and I smiled as I climbed back in the car to get a few groceries and head home. I got home and kept running through my new morning routine with little things going “wrong” here and there like the poached eggs sticking to the poacher thingy and coming out all messy and the shower water taking for ever to get hot, these things gave my vacationing voices all sorts of evidence for the folly of my journey and they decided they had to get back to work. They worked me over quite fully as I was doing the dishes and getting ready to head upstairs to do my writing when one of the asian pears I bought at the farmers market whispered to me “eat me, you’ll be glad you did” and so I went over to the fruit bowl and looked at this pear with all its blemishes on it and the orange next to it that looked perfect. I picked up the pear and felt it, there was a little give in the normally firm surface and I could almost hear it yelling “EAT ME NOW, YOUR DAY WILL GET BETTER”. I took the beautiful orange and put it back in the bowl and took the pear and cut it up into wedges and put them in a bowl and as I was walking up the stairs to my computer I took a bite of a wedge of this pear and, By God it was right. The sweetness of this pear filled me instantly and completely erased all of those nasty whiney voices and I knew who I was again and that life was good.

2 responses to “Stickin To It, Thanks To An Asian Pear

  1. henry, i am so happy to be taking this journey with you. it is inspiring me. we could be twins separated at birth. enjoy the rest of your day. a bran muffin is calling my name. ; )
    hugs, p

  2. Good going Henry. I’ve been in a snarly mood myself and feeling like I’ll absolutely never make it to my vacation mid-April. Full of drama, resistance and pity, I’ve been having a hard time being in my home office and working. I cheered myself up by making a Top 10 Lists of Why I Need to Go on Vacation in Letterman-style.

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