Swimming in the Rain & Standing in the Fire

Ducks Love It.

Day 9

Back in the pool this morning. I knew I would even though there was a storm last night and the weather said that it would be raining today I just imagined mySelf swimming in the rain and smiled at the thought of it. What an absurd thought we have sometimes that when it’s raining there is some sort of danger or some sort of excuse not to do something outside. I started giggling to mySelf when I realized that I was going to be in this delightfully perfect water temperature with big ole rain drops fallin on my head and probably a half empty pool, because of all the folks who would be staying home because of the rain. Of course I got out to the car and it wasn’t raining and there was a grey morning headed for a gorgeous sunrise. I got to the pool and it was the most crowded I had ever seen it this early in the morning. I had to actually share a lane with two other swimmers, which I haven’t had to do since I started the early morning swims. It just goes to show me that Mother Nature has her own intentions and desires and they don’t always go in the way I expect they will, in fact the more I expect them to go a certain way the more I will be surprised by her. I started my swim and in 10 minutes or so the other two swimmers in my lane had left the pool, the sun was breaking out golden over the tops of the clouds and I was swimming with no mind, so much so that I even lost count of the number of laps I had swum or would swim. After awhile in my sunrise swim meditation another swimmer joined me and I felt no loss or twinge of resentment that my uninterrupted and empty lane was now occupied with other energy, no I just kept swimming with the flow until I felt I was done for the morning, and with no sense of having accomplished a certain amount of laps or time in the pool, just knowing that I had kept my agreement to mySelf and shown mySelf that I could flow with the circumstances that both my active little ego and Mother Nature could throw at me, I got out of the pool and left feeling complete.

Today I am going to be doing the third in a series of three webinars with Art Shirk. This one is called “Standing in the Fire”. It’s all about STAY. It is about that ability to not get freaked out by the risks and courageous actions that we take and pull our selves out of the game. You know what I am talking about. You have been in a conversation with someone where you have been coasting along in neutral and umhumming each other for awhile and for some reason you wake up and slap yourself and break into the conversation with a risky, usually truth telling and often awkward, blunt or scary, interruption. In the moment following that interruption you feel like you might have blown it, offended, or even hurt the other person in some way and you begin to back pedal and extricate yourself from this horrible mistake you just made and smooth the waters again. It is in that moment of doubt, that feeling of blowing it or messing up that we betray ourselves and start to back away from the fire of truth and sink into the shadows of lies and toleration. We easily and often talk about the courage it takes to take that first step, courageous act or risky interruption. We don’t talk much about what it takes to stay, once you’ve taken that first step. That’s when you most likely face your biggest doubts and fears and when you are most likely to slip into reaction of some sort and lose your power to stay present and respond to the impact that you have created. That’s Standing in the Fire. A good conversation to have I think.

4 responses to “Swimming in the Rain & Standing in the Fire

  1. Henry
    I love reading about you swimming. It reminds me our swim that we did several times in the canal, after a demanding workshop at the bank. I still swim too but in the pool. The sea is still too cold for my liking but I know it may be right for you.

    Staying in fire is such an interesting conversation especially after having the experience of being in the water.

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