Proud Fool

Happy April Fools Day. Are you a proud fool 2?

Day 11

Astute readers will probably notice that there was no entry for Day 10, my how astute you are. There was in fact a Day 10 for all my practices except for making a blog entry. I started out with a delightfully chilly morning swim, shower at the pool and then off to my doc for my annual physical, for those who worry about such things I am in good shape for a man my age and size. Then off to the Santa Rosa Farmers Market, a couple of blocks from my doc’s office for some seasonal delights. By the time I got home my day of work was calling me and so no blog yesterday. Thus I did indeed have a wonderful day 10.

Here I am on Day 11 of my ceremony of practice, begun on my birthday and the day after Karen left for Black Lodge in the desert. I am in a new month, yes today is April 1st (the day for fools:-), of which I am a proud card carrying member 😉 ), and Karen is coming home tomorrow. I am thinking that I will continue the counting of the days of this ceremony until I leave for Tulum. I think there is a key transition that will occur this weekend when Karen comes home. I will feel a familiar pull to sleep in and hang out with Karen and put all my practices on the back burner. Some part of me will think that this will be the best way to “welcome Karen home and take care of her and love her” when in fact my integrated Self knows that there is nothing in this world that would please Karen more then me getting up at 6:30 am and heading off to the pool for a swim, coming home and taking care of my practices while she kicks off hers. If I can get past my co-dependent inclinations that will be firing this weekend and then into next week with the same practices I know that when I leave for Tulum for my 11 day final ceremony with the Black Lodge that she will also be engaged in her practices and upon my return we will be happening conscious practicing human beings. Not much pressure there. Oh sure I recognize the human being that I am and that there will be lapses, doctor appointments, programs where I have to get up at 6 to take care of business and won’t be able to keep up with my practices in the same way. I will have to adapt, as I have done before, to different locations and circumstances as I move through all of the exciting and changing moments in my upcoming life. I will though and I will also go through seasons of very active, less active, and hibernation. Sometimes these seasons will just affect the pace at which I do things and sometimes they will take me out for a bit. When they do take me out, there is no way I don’t know what to do to get back on the program. The program is simple and always there.

One response to “Proud Fool

  1. I am a fool 2 and proud of it 2.

    I am also proud of the ways I am like you. This may translate as I am proud of you. What is even more true is that I am glad of you.


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