Swimming in the Fast Lane

This is Me as I swim along in my
meditative morning swim.

Day 13

Karen’s home! Yay. I picked her up at the airport yesterday afternoon and she was lit up from the inside like a japanese lantern. All this spiritual light was pouring out her pours and filling up the car as we drove home. We drove and talked through the friday evening traffic and got home in time for a nice hot tub together before dinner. After dinner we settled down in our lazy boy love seat and watched the back episodes of Survivor that she had missed while being out in the desert, one has to have a slight giggle at that:-)

Remember how I wrote the other day that I was concerned as to whether or not I would be able to keep up with my practices once Karen returned? Well of course all needs for concerns poofed away. My beloved came home with a tweaked back and yet she still got up with me to accompany me into town and while I swam she did a couple of errands and picked me up after my swim. I had a delightful swim that started with an interesting quandary.

This is who is normally swimming
in the Fast Lane.

When I got to the pool there was one lane that was completely empty, the fast lane. I am not a fast swimmer by any stretch of the imagination, I am not a medium swimmer, I am a turtle proudly swimming in a constant and slow pace as I stroke from one end of the pool to the other and back again. So here is this empty lane that I can get into or I can join a fellow turtle in one of the slow lanes. So I go for it and I hop in the fast lane and find my nice turtle rhythm with my breast stroke and as I come up for my breaths I am looking down the length of the pool to see if someone is wanting to swim in the fast lane and I am also scanning those two outside slow lanes for any turtles deciding that they are done. On the in breath I am going under the water and seeing an entirely new perspective of a wide open pool in front of me and all around me and no wall on one side of me, which is what I am used to as a turtle. “So this is what it’s like to be a flying fish or a dolphin” my turtle self says, all this wide open space under the water, cool. Well after a couple of laps I notice that one of my fellow turtles has finished and left her lane empty, with a sigh of loss of open water and a desire for the familiar I take an underwater dive and swim under three lanes doing my best not to get in the way of the other swimming creatures in their lanes and I surface in my old familiar turtle lane. Right after I get into my turtle lane, sure enough one of those incredibly fast and smooth swimmers walks over to that fast lane like she owns it and dove in with no splash and did two lengths to every one of mine. I smiled as I found my meditative turtle pace and 30 laps later I was leaving my lane for another turtle to swim in. Karen was thrilled that I was taking care of mySelf and all was right in the world as we headed off to the farmers market to buy some wonderfully locally grown veggies, cheeses, sauces and other fun stuff.

We are completely aligned on moving forward into our conscious brightening lives. She has her way of taking care of her body, spirit, mind and emotions and I have mine. Sometimes they are identical and sometimes unique, all ways are perfect.

One response to “Swimming in the Fast Lane

  1. well done, turtle. i’m glad karen is there for you. i like the lantern glow you saw from her. beautiful image.

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