Rapids of Change

Looking for the openings as I head into the rapids of change

Day 19

Well this is it, the final day before I leave for 2 weeks. I swam, meditated and here I am writing. Keep your eyes peeled for when I come back.

Of course I am in some mystery, anticipation and expectations even about the time coming up in Tulum. I am bringing my mask, fins and snorkel with me hoping to get some swimming time in the ocean and know that it is entirely possible that we will be so engaged in our learning and consciousness brightening of ourselves and the rest of the species that having any expectations of free swim time might be a bad idea, more like hope I think. I am also stepping into a real completion of a program that I have been immersed in for almost 3 years and I am feeling all that one feels upon completion, scared and relieved, anxious and excited, ready and not done, having already left and never wanting to leave. All of those things are circling around in mySelf as I prepare to step into what’s next for me. I am really fortunate in some ways that Karen is beginning her version of the journey that I am ending, so I will be able to swim along side her as she goes and draft off of what she is learning to both remind mySelf and to deepen my own learning.

Of course I am also feeling a bit fragile about coming back to my commitments to mySelf here at home. How will I do? What will I want to continue to be committed to and what will I want to add or subtract to my commitments. I do trust that the chooser in me will be sitting in his power upon my return and that what I choose will be perfect and I must say what I have chosen I like and want to keep. So I am a bit nervous about the possible changes that are coming. I know I am not the only human on the planet that has those kind of fears. When ever most of us are headed towards a life changing rapids in our rivers of life a little anxiety naturally builds up and we want to start backpaddling a bit to stay in this nice pool we have found while at the same time we want to see what the rapids will be like and what the pool at the end of those rapids are like as well. My old friend Robert Theobold wrote a book back in the ‘80s called “The Rapids of Change” and in it he noted how we all had to get better and better at navigating those rapids. It’s one of the reasons coaching was invented. We have gotten better at navigating them and it doesn’t mean it got any easier for any of us, we just got better at it.

When I get there it can feel scary/exciting and it's time to just go.

So I am going to paddle for the top V at the head of the rapids and sharpen up my consciousness to notice all that I can as I head into these rapids with all of what I am feeling, thinking and experiencing. Whoosh…..

3 responses to “Rapids of Change

  1. The excitement and anticipation is palpable here, Henry. Love it. I keep thinking as I read this, and I read it twice, that completion of the kind of program you’ve been through is initiation. It’s a gateway. I keep getting images of standing at a doorway, not a solid one, but a shower of light, so to speak, and the completion part is the releasing of old stuff and the stepping through is the initiation. Your swim in the ocean is an amazing opportunity beyond keeping up with a practice, as I see it.
    What a gift you are giving consciousness and all of us who are expressions of that. It takes huge courage to release the known for the unknown even when we sense the unknown is pretty darn amazing.

    Have a wonderful journey

  2. Have a wonderful ride through the rapids. I will be here on the shore when you return.

    Love you and your ever-brightening consciousness.


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