What happened in Tulum?

A bear and a turtle, knitted by some mayan women near Tulum.

Well here I am getting ready to kick start my writing in this blog. I am poised over the pegs and wondering do I really want to go out for a spin or do I want to go back in and crawl under the covers some more and just tune out the world? Nah, I want to head out. I had my day off yesterday and it’s time to catch mySelf up to my practices. It’s time to re-emerge into the stuff that works for me to maintain and deepen my consciousness in this world. Sure I have all these conflicting thoughts and ideas about where to start. I have been essentially gone 3 weeks from a daily practice. My consciousness has experienced much, my body has experienced much, my emotions have experienced much. Who needs to talk first?

You know how it is when you want to write a letter to a friend and it has been such a long time since you last wrote and there is so much swirling around in you, stuff you want to talk about, stuff you feel compelled to talk about, stuff you “shouldn’t talk about”, stuff you don’t know how to talk about, and stuff that is just old nonsensey crap that is floating around that seems to obscure all the other stuff. Well that’s a bit of what is going on in the brain at this moment. In the heart is a jumble of emotions, some of which I want to express and/or clear and some I want to internally process and work my way through. Some I want to process here and some elsewhere and they aren’t sure which is which.

Now that I have stepped down on the starter I know that I can clear the “I don’t wanna’s” that always follow being gone and starting something back up. That’s pretty obvious and easy to see. I don’t wanna blog. I don’t wanna swim or meditate. I don’t wanna work. I don’t wanna do much of anything except eat ice cream and watch bad tv. All of those “I don’t wanna’s” seem to be inevitably there upon my being gone for awhile. Especially if I am gone doing great stuff. It is what I tell my clients and students is the natural expression of the breakdown that follows the breakthroughs. So I gave into it yesterday and today mySelf is clear that I have had enough of that and there are some cool things to express into this place and from this place, so get your butt up to the computer and start your practice. I did, I’m here and the “I don’t wanna’s” are moving through me and are on the way out. I feel the opening in my heart area already. Bye bye.

As I sit here and scratch my old mosquito wounds and my tropical rash and generally feel the need to run fingernails over every part of my body I think the first thing to uncover is my time in Mexico with the Black Lodge. My final ceremony with this program and one of many to come that I will be doing somewhere on this planet to brighten the diamond of consciousness, foster the evolution of life and awaken humankind to its sacred nature. Over the 11 days we were there we did 4 simple yet profound things to open up a transmission of sorts into all of consciousness and the universe. The first thing we did was to build something physical. We got permission from the caretakers of the land in this place and we built a medicine wheel. We did several days of manual labor, hauling stones, sand, objects of beauty from the surrounding jungle. We sweated, got eaten alive by bugs and rained on and sunburnt and we built this wheel with every action that we took being a prayer, every bucket of sand and every rock being lovingly cared for and placed with ceremony and intention. Now we have done physical work before in ceremony, however it was always done on the teachers land and yes it was powerful and taught great lessons in opening up consciousness. There is something different about building something as a gift of consciousness in someone else’s back yard that brings in an entirely different sacredness. The other thing that was rather remarkable is that these teachings that I have been studying for the last 6 years or so have there earliest origin stories with the Mayans that come from this area, so there was this whole ancestor thing going on. We were building a sacred medicine wheel in the place where these wheels were a way of life and originated thousands of years ago. This was a return of sorts.

We finished the wheel with an amazing blessing ceremony where we buried crystals, that had been carried by individuals for the last 6 months and charged with prayers, under each of the stones that made the eight doorways to the wheel and the points of the diamond of consciousness at the center of the wheel. After this we had a local celebration where the people who work in the area, mostly mayan descendants, joined us and we dedicated the wheel and opened it up to anyone who wanted to use it for sacred journeying. There were children, musicians and a local medicine woman who came and sang and danced with us and shared stories and ceremonies as we opened up this wonderful wheel that we had built and gifted to these people. At first I was shy and nervous about “would they want this gift”, “would they think we were arrogant Americans?” As I saw the smiles and the tears I knew that we had given a gift and it was beautifully received.

After we built the wheel we had an astonishing conversation in the form of a council of inquiry. We spent four days opening the question “What is needed to awaken humankind to it’s sacred nature and assist in transforming the evolutionary process to create a future that will be affirming for all of life. NOW?” Amazing question huh? We looked at all we had learned over the last 2 and half years and in our deepening consciousnesses and met in small groups and in the large group to keep looking at the question from all the perspectives and energies we could in a deep and powerful conversation. We didn’t look for an answer we looked deeply into the wisdom that showed up with the question, peeling back the layers or adding the layers depending how you look at it. This question isn’t answered in thoughts or words or theories. The world has plenty of those already. This is a question that when you look into it the energy builds up and it needs to be sent out into the universe in some big way. Which brings us to the final step. A sunrise to sunset ceremony where the energy is built up in the new medicine wheel we built through movement and then the group gathers and we create some sort of wild human consciousness transmitter and put the volume on high and send a big blast out into the universe. The universe co-operated beautifully by giving us a hot sunny day for the day long movement in the wheel and then our dance at night with the rain pouring down and the sky lit up with flashes of lightning and crashing of thunder to be the drum beat of the transmission. It was an amazing journey.

That’s it for today. I’ll have to open up some of the other stuff for mySelf tomorrow.

5 responses to “What happened in Tulum?

  1. YAY! You are back on the blog! I felt so happy when I saw your link to the blog on Facebook. When you took the break to go off on your wonderful and profound 11 day journey, it was like being left with a particularly juicy cliff-hanger – the anticipation of the next blog post was particularly acute! What an amazing, beautiful experience – thank you for coming back and sharing it with us!

  2. Welcome back, Diamond Bear Henry! To say “congratulations” sounds trite and small, so just know in my heart that I’m holding the magnitude and the profoundness and the sacredness of the culmination of the “formal” part of this journey that you’ve just completed…knowing that a new trip around the big medicine wheel of life is just beginning for you.

    And thanks for this: “We didn’t look for an answer we looked deeply into the wisdom that showed up with the question…” YUMMY.

    Big hugs to you,

  3. Welcome back Henry – you had me engaged with every word you wrote about Mexico. I could feel my desire to be a part of that conversation and at the same time know that I am. (as the conversation, is more than that one moment in time and more than words spoken)

    Beautiful, uplifting post; all the aspects body, mind, spirit, heart are there – complete integrity.

    Looking forward to the next post

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