A Cold Rides Into Town

There he stands on the outskirts of town
Do I let him in or send him packing?

I am a little whiney this morning. I’ve got a cold creeping into me. It started a couple of days ago with some added acheyness in my bones and a tiny bit of stuffiness way in the back of my nose. I went out and got the Wellness formula and a couple other tried and true cold prevention schemes I have used successfully in the past to head it off at the pass. Here I am on morning three and a cough is starting to show itself along with the groggyness. So the battle in my consciousness is do I let the cold come and flow through me as colds seem to want to do or do I create a powerful intention that I stand at the outskirts of town with my arms crossed and a big ole sheriffs badge on my vest and tell that nasty black hatted cold to just ride around this town. Here’s what I don’t want to do. I don’t want to pretend to be the sheriff and get all dressed up in my nice preventative clothes and still watch that nasty sucker ride right on through town.

First I want to complain a bit. I am leaving today to lead a retreat 1 of Leadership with Karen down in Santa Cruz area. I HATE having a cold when I am leading, especially R1 as it is the most active of all the retreats for the leaders, and especially at a new retreat center. This is a perfect storm of circumstances that I don’t want a cold in the middle of. Second I was here at home all week with no cold doing not much of anything, this would have been a wonderful time to have a cold. I could have sniffled and sneezed my way through 6 days of movies and gingerales and wouldn’t have missed much. Sure I could have handled the couple calls I had and the life changing emails I sent in the midst of all that and still been able to be in the throws of a nasty visit from the cold in the black hat. Third, the symptoms of the cold were starting to show up and I was just chalking them up to the natural slump that would follow the intense 3 weeks I had just had prior, so when I talked to Karen and she said she was coming down with a cold it hit me like a freight train that I too had a cold and just didn’t know it. Sure enough, within hours that cold had become definitely recognizable. Now if Karen didn’t mention to me that she had a cold, I wonder if the thought would have entered my mind that I had a cold. Would I just have stayed in that slump and the cold would have just passed me by?

I am really hoping I am not passing this “idea” of a cold onto all of you readers and that you too will find a cold knocking on your door. If you do in the next couple of days please put a comment in here and let me know, blame me, throw your kleenexes at me. I am truly sorry to complain about my cold and give one in your circle an excuse to open the town gates to the black hatted one.

So I am off to R1 and won’t be writing here much as R1 is the busiest of the retreats and there are only a couple of spots that I might get the chance, depending on what the sheriff decides to do.

2 responses to “A Cold Rides Into Town

  1. Reminds me of that story you told us about the profound changes that happened when everyone in a retreat came down with a cold. Feel better soon and stay present my dear DB…. I expect there will be some monumental energy shifting and consciousness awakening going on this week.

  2. how uncanny. I to have been fighting a cold that came up at the *worst* (or maybe the *best* possible time ever)…
    I usually reach my Louise Hay book as soon as I have physical symptoms I can’t explain…

    Anyhow, hope the retreat was a BLAST for all present, sheriff included!!!!

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