Happy Anniversary

Celebrating the Workshop of a Lifetime.Today I celebrate 15 years of marriage to my beloved Karen. On Julie Andrews Point at Wildwood in front of our families and some of our friends we stood in the sunshine and made our vows. After the ceremony 2 golden eagles flew side by side around the point and blessed us.

We said to each other then that our marriage would be the biggest and richest personal growth workshop either of us would ever engage in. We were so right. We got married at a retreat center where personal growth happened and the wedding was three days long, which is the typical length of the workshops that we design and conduct all over the world. That wedding workshop has led to a delightful, deep, powerful and rich ongoing workshop that is our marriage. Out of my marriage to Karen I wonder if the commitment of marriage isn’t something that most of us undertake without the slightest clue about the blood, sweat, tears and laughter that need to be filtered through the lens of this one of a kind relationship. It ain’t always easy and it is always worth it, to stay and find a new and deeper way to love. It ain’t always easy and it is always worth it to continue to notice how in this unique relationship in the world I can work out any and all of my issues around relationships in general and so can Karen. I am strongly of the opinion that when I reach the point that I don’t project anything onto the screen of Karen and can, in every moment, be present to the amazing woman that is opposite me that I will be free and clear of projections onto any and every relationship in my life. My beloved partner and I work hard on our relationship and are digging underneath our patterns and spirals and shadow projections all of the time to free them from running us and our experiences of each other. Sometimes it seems like it is an endless and hopeless amount of stuff to sludge through and the only thing that keeps us there is our love and commitment for and to each other. Sometimes it is blissfully easy and a blast to do stuff together and in those times we celebrate and recognize that we are indeed partners walking together on this path of awakening both ourselves and anyone else we run into.

We haven’t been particularly good about celebrating our anniversaries so tonight we’re going to make up for that by getting our hair done, having a special dinner, staying over at a neat B&B and working and playing in this wonderful workshop called marriage.

Happy Anniversary My Beloved

2 responses to “Happy Anniversary

  1. It’s a blessing to know another couple who understands “It ain’t always easy and it is always worth it.”

    What a gift to have a partner willing to go deep. Blessings to you both!


  2. I can’t add anymore, except Happy Anniversary to Karen and Henry! Thank you for sharing the celebration with us. Cheers.

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