Turtle In a Tornado

Well the fabulous 15th has passed and was delightful. The sheriff has finally sent the cold out of town and I am back to sleeping through the night without the assistance of nyquil. My two leadership programs and the Black Lodge are now rolling into my past. Here I sit poised and ready to leap back into my practices. Of course I touched into some of them while I was running all around enjoying all of these activities. I blogged a bit. I meditated a bit. I worked at eating locally and moderately (except for the incredible meal we had at Madrona Manor for our anniversary). What I didn’t do at all was swim. I also wasn’t in any sort of feel of “practice”, even though I was participating some in the particles of practice.

So today I start with the daily blog again and daily meditation. Tomorrow I go for my first daily swim and hit the farmers market for some good local fare. I face a bit of a challenge on Monday and Tuesday as we are having a design retreat here. The work starts at 9 here at the house so I will need to do the early start and might not get all of my blogging and/or meditating done in time for our start. But I will make a strong conscious effort at beginning a design retreat this way. With intention and maybe some slight modifications I can maintain the practice and be able to start work at 9. If not I am going to have to do a bit of rescheduling of about 3 or 4 other design retreats happening this summer so that the start time allows me to maintain my practices. However if I wake up at 5:30 – at the pool by 6:00-7:00 – home by 7:30 – Shower and breakfast by 8:00 – meditation and blog by 9:00 (hmm it is going to be tight isn’t it) Might have to negotiate a 9:30 start and then see. Man oh man if I can pull this off and stay in turtle medicine and not feel like I am sprinting around and hurrying up to meditate or to deepen my consciousness (It’s almost laughable, what a ridiculous waste of time that is 🙂 “Hurry up and meditate so that you can be creative“ give me a break)

As you can probably tell I am just a tiny bit worried about how busy my schedule is shaping up for this summer. Especially in light of what I want to focus on regarding my own consciousness work. On the other hand I notice as my universe gets more and more packed with wonderful and incredible opportunities and possibilities so do the universes of most of the people around me. I must say it is preferable to what was happening last year at this time when so many of us were holding on by our fingernails and wondering how solid this clifftop we were hanging off of was. Sure I had lots of time to do lots of things, including plenty of time to fit in all my practices. In that universe the benefit of hanging off the edge is you have so much time to be completely conscious of your world. The true measure of capability to stay conscious is when things start speeding up, the ground gets more solid and the world starts to spin and all of these great things start to form on my horizon AND I want to find my ways to stay conscious and deepen my consciousness while all this is happening. I want to be able to continue to move like a turtle while the world is moving more and more like a tornado or a fast cat. So instead of clearing out my whole morning for my practices I will ask for a 9:30 start and see if I can slow down my world a bit and still walk like a turtle.

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