A Good Conversation


Swim – Yes the last two days
Meditate – Yes the last two days
Blog – Yes today and no yesterday
Eat Local – Farmers market yesterday and 2 great meals made with entirely local and seasonal foods.

There is not much more you can ask for in life other then good friends, good food and great conversation.

My good friends John Vercelli and Doug Silsbe joined Karen and me for dinner last night and over ham (from a farm 5 miles from my house), zucchini from Fresno (less then 100 miles from my place), onions from “the valley” in CA, Salad made of local walnuts, blue cheese and lettuce and some mystery pears that I didn’t buy and suspect may not have been local 😦 oh well you can’t win them all. During dinner we had some brilliant conversation about many things and the thing that is working my minds is this whole idea of evolution and the place of humankind in the process.

We humans have been an evolving species on this planet for a very short time compared to so many other species. Someone told me that if you took a year of seconds to represent the history of the universe since the big bang we humans have been around for only the last 3 seconds. That’s not very long and yet in that time we have managed to create a precarious situation for our own survival on this beautiful planet that we live and grow on. As we grow and keep doing what we are doing we make it more and more untenable for life such as us to continue to live here. Life for us humans and many other forms of life here on earth are in jeopardy and in crisis. Either we are currently at or rapidly approaching a time of either evolution or extinction. I believe that to evolve it is primarily an evolution of consciousness, responsibility, and our ability to adapt to change that will be the primary drivers for evolutionary success. It isn’t a matter of who has the most guns or strikes the most fear or has stored the most canned goods. Those will all be elements of the crisis that is upon us for sure and what will be needed for human evolution will be a deepening spiritual connection to all of life and a kind of respons-ability that is based on creativity, adaptability and flexibility. We have to be able to comprehend complexities and paradoxes and move beyond paradigms of right or wrong, good or evil, lack or abundance, and into the dream of life where each one of us is responsible for our universe and all of life and respond-able to it at the same time. We have to evolve out of our own limited self view and see ourselves as the universe and take care of our selves from the perspective that we are taking care of all of life. We have to open our hearts, minds, consciousness and awareness to the universe inside and the universe outside and to both the remarkable uniqueness of every being and the amazing connection that we all are to the dream of life.

When we are able to do that and to foster that in others I believe that there is hope for this species to evolve along with the rest of life into what ever is next for us. If we are not able to open up to those ways of looking and being then I am concerned for the survival of this species of human. I do know that life will march on and give consciousness another nudge up the evolutionary ladder however it does. Life wins no matter what.

2 responses to “A Good Conversation

  1. Ho Henry,

    I also notice that our quick rise to notoriety has us acting as if we are the boss of the world. Even the notion that we have to take care of it is a little beside the point.

    I believe our next opportunity is to notice ourselves as an expression of the world’s creativity and love. We call her Mother Earth for good reason.

    Finding one’s place on a dance floor is a fundamentally different search than finding one’s place in a hierarchy.


  2. Henry,
    I know you are trying hard to eat local-as-possible. But I have to tell you that I’m from Fresno like the zucchini eaten at dinner and Fresno is 250 miles away from here, not 100.

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