Consciousness at Starbucks

Karen and Me at Starbucks practicing away.

Well here I am at Starbucks in Sebastopol. Karen is sitting next to me on her laptop, supposedly making entries in her blog or connecting to deep spiritual work, however I just looked over there and noticed that she was catching up on her scrabble moves first. I have to giggle inside at all the times I go to my facebook games first thing and then move on to my practices and whenever I do that I feel a little judging voice in the back of my head that sounds an awful lot like Karen saying something like “really, games again what about your commitments?” Now I can never have that judgment voice be Karen’s it can only be me on me. AND I can smile when I look over at Karen on her computer and not assume she is working diligently away and being presidential and the like, she might just be trying out a new word in Scrabble.

Why are we at Starbucks this morning one may ask? Well I am so glad I asked. We left the house this morning headed into town for a swim, for me, and a walk, for Karen from which we headed over to the park for a meditation and then a jaunt over to Starbucks for breakfast and some blogging and consciousness work. It is sort of fun to be out in the world and doing my practices. Knowing that I can ground mySelf and deepen my work outside of my normal routines that I set up for mySelf.

From here we head down to San Francisco to do a little long over due shopping and then wend our way back to Dillon Beach stopping for some dinner somewhere on the way home. I fun and grounded day out together. Got to do that too.

The house still smells like smoke and I am still looking at all the learning that there is to do as a result of some of the unconscious and boneheaded moves I have been making recently. I am very grateful for the comments in the last post and leaning into all sorts of different questions and possibilities.

I do have a strong sense in my life that there is some big thang coming down the road for me and my universe. I am aware of the limitless space that exists in me for whatever is coming so I don’t have to “clear out grey matter” to make room for it. I am using so little of the possibility of space that exists in all my minds that I know that there is no way that I can “blame” my consciousness lapses on that one. I also know that there is and always be a resistant rebel in me that looks for times and places to grab a hold of me and give me a shake, rattle and roll. He especially likes to shake me up right after I have made a powerful declaration regarding choice, responsibility or commitment. I have a much clearer sense of him and actually appreciate the question he keeps me living in and I do sometimes get surprised by the way he acts out. This past few days feel more like he has been tricking me in and out of consciousness and I am also really clear that when he is in the midst of running his routines there is this other choice a little down and to the left that is a powerful conscious and integrated choice that moves me in a clear and life affirming direction. I am gettting better and better at seeing that choice and better at actually stepping onto that path with easier reliability. And sometimes I don’t, and when I don’t I just need to always remember that that path is always right there a choice away.

2 responses to “Consciousness at Starbucks

  1. You two are so freaking CUTE! Your smiling faces just lite up the day! This shot has you both looking pretty playful!

    Consciously Playful.


    Smile On,

  2. I have to totally ditto that. You are both looking rather adorable. And I know that isn’t the point. But you totally do.

    I heart seeing your smiles (and your funky glasses KKH)


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