Appreciating Art and Life

Life and Death.
A rose at the Vietnam Vets Wall in DC.
I have friends names on that wall and I remember them.
Some died for Love, some died for fear, some died for no reason at all.

It’s Memorial Day. The day that we are meant to honor all those who have put something in front of themselves that was more important to them then life itself. Whether it is something that is love based as in their love of country or love of their comrades or something that is fear based as in their fear of the enemy or their fear of consequences for not fighting. These things became more important then living on this earth. Within that love or fear are a myriad of other possible frames or reasons for stepping into the jaws of death in the midst of war. And then their are all the unfortunates that were killed that didn’t even have that something in front of them that was more important the life. Those folks were just placed there under a bomb or in front of a spear or bullet living life the best way they knew how and poof they stop living that life. These too need to be honored on this day. As I write this I realize that there is also a whole heck of a lot of us particles of life in so many forms that live and then die. For as far back as there has been life that has been the case, probably even farther if you think of the birth and death of stars and the evolution and entropy of the universe itself. You know there is a heck of a lot to be in wonder about, to honor, and to memorialize even. So today I am thinking about the cycle of life and death and recognizing and acknowledging all those who have completed that cycle before me. I raise my coffee mug to you.

Beautiful Theatre!! Hope it doesn't rain this year.

Today Karen and I head off on our annual pilgrimage to Ashland Oregon for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We will see 9 plays in 6 days and there will be lots of discussion about our likes and dislikes and lots of good times will be had by all at hand. There will be some Shakespeare, of course, some Tennessee Williams, some new plays and some adapted treasures and there will be Ashland and all of our familiar haunts to drop in on. More to come on that later.

While we are in Ashland Karen and I intend to get a week pass to the YMCA and I’ll swim while Karen does yoga or weight work in the workout room. This is the way we are scheduling ourselves to really honor our practices while we are in a place where we haven’t typically honored them before. Because we often get home from the theatre a little past our typical bedtime we’ll sleep in a bit, have some breakfast at our B&B and then go back to our room and journal/blog, meditate and get ready to go out starting with packing our gym bags and heading to the Y at noon, then we’ll get dressed for the day, grab a sandwich and get to our matinee by 2 and start our ‘serious work’ of enjoying fabulous theatre.

It’s hard work but it must be done if the arts are to survive and we are to remember what got us here in the first place. So, join me readers, go out and see some live theatre, dance, music, opera, or go to an art museum or gallery. Remind yourSelf that you are a human and you know how to make and appreciate art in all its forms.

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