The News

So many to choose from, nah I'll just turn them off.

As I was sitting here contemplating what I wanted to write about this beautiful morning, sun shining on the ocean outside and Karen sitting at her desk right across from me, I was wondering what was going on out in the ‘world’. I realized that I rarely watch, read or listen to ‘news’ anymore.

I know that is drama and crisis happening all around,
oil spills, political chills, and kids popping pills.
I know there are wars everywhere, polluted air, and nothing is fair.
I know that crime is up, crime is down, and fear is all around.
I know that Obama is good, Obama is bad, and Obama’s a dad.
Celebs are splitting, pregnant, having affairs, going to jail, caught in their unawares, and dying of overdoses.

Most of all I know that ‘news’ is whatever some entertainment outlet says it is that will engage our emotions, primarily fear and sometimes excitement, to the highest degree. I also know that my consciousness isn’t expanded by being current on the ‘news’ and that even being current is not even true. I am kept ‘current’ only on what wants to be released not with what is truly current. So news really isn’t even news really.

When I am responsible for creating my universe and when I am respondable to the universe that is out there and that is of my creation what is news is what I SAY IT IS.

The news I have to report is that the human species is doing just fine. Right now it is on a steep learning curve and there are many failures that are going on as this experiment in consciousness is taking place. This species is poised on the precipice of an evolutionary leap in consciousness that will move it into an entirely new paradigm of existence. We are actually stepping out right now, feel it, our collective foot is leaving the solid ground where our other foot is and stepping out into space, not having a clue what will be there to step onto. It is a loooooooong sloooooooow step and we are collectively inhaling having faith that when that foot lands in the next place we will be able to collectively exhale.

That’s the news – now the commentary.

Hang in there Humankind, have faith, belief, purpose, intention, and stay connected to all that makes you the magnificent creatures that you are. You are the ones who will feel your world, as your world changes with this big step so too will all of life and the universe itself. Take care of your world and stay conscious.

You are making the news now. You are the current affair.

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