Smile, Nod, Breathe and Slow Down

That's my Grandpop in the middle, me on the left and my cousin Jay on the right.
This picture is the essence of Turtle medicine for me.

It’s 7:00 am here at the beach and the coffee is brewing and the early birds who arrived last night are awaking and seeking out their coffee. The ones that are arriving in an hour or two are already on the road wending their way here. The tribe is gathering. The Redwood Tribe, the tribe of elders, the tribe of the Leaders of the Leadership Program. This special group of leaders is converging on this house in Dillon Beach that Karen and I have set the ground for. We have every bed in this house and in the one next door filled with powerful leaders. We have coffee in the pot and breakfast ready to make on the counter, the place is all spiffed up and saged and Lisa Rost, our lovely talented and brilliant chef extraordinaire formerly of the Mother Tree, is all set to cook for us while we dive into deep conversation around philosophies, beliefs, and what’s needed to feed and hold consciousness, finally when is it time to get out of the way and let what needs to unfold, unfold.

We are also going to reconnect as a tribe for the first time in a year and a half. So we should be able to explore each others journeys that got us to this place at this time. What are these leaders up to? What are the ways that the work we share is being influenced by the different and unique paths that we all are on? Who are we now, both individually and collectively? What is our impact on the world both individually and collectively?

We’ll also have loads of time for fun and games and wild entertainments. This group of people has range. We know how to laugh, cry and rage with the best of them and hopefully we’ll explore our range and find more love and intimacy on the other side of that exploration.

About me. I am not that worried about getting into the intensity and wonder of all that I have mentioned above. I am eagerly looking forward to it. I am aware of what I have been writing about recently and feeling a bit tender again about it. I am feeling called to return to my original intentions and the tenderness is doing that with all of the challenges around having 18 people in my house while trying to open up my consciousness in those moderation 1/3 2/3s ways. As Don Miguel Ruiz says in The Four Agreements “Do Your Best” and that is what I will do. I will restrain myself in the food I put on my plate and I will practice moderation with what ever I put in my body. I will pay attention to Turtle medicine as I am moving through my day and through the conversations that are sure to be stimulating enough to want me to step into all sorts of Mosquito energy that can be my habit, so I’ll just smile, breathe, nod and slow down.

7 responses to “Smile, Nod, Breathe and Slow Down

  1. Henry, It sounds like you are in for some amazing times today…I hope you enjoy them in the wonderful body of humanity that you live within.

    Wish I were there and thinking you all,
    Lisa D.

  2. Great post, Henry. Take a few moments when you’re in the circle of the Redwood Tribe to look around at the company you keep. Some pretty remarkable leaders!

  3. I can’t even imagine the level of creativity, power, intensity, and BEING in the moment there will be in the space. I wonder if we’ll be able to hear it in San Rafael? Hear the celebration rolling from the ocean, over the hills, across the freeway to CTI? I’ll just take a moment to close my eyes and listen.

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