Two Loves

I am feeling the urge to send a shout out to the two most powerful and influential women in my life. My beloved Golden Elk, Karen Kimsey-House, who is over in Japan celebrating with them our tenth anniversary of doing business together in Japan, and my Mom, Margo House, who is up at the cottage on Georgian Bay that she has been going to since she was a newborn 83 years ago and that she and our whole family love so much.

I love this shot taken on Dillon Beach, note the hat.

Today I am wearing a t-shirt that my wonderful wife got for me that is a golden brown with a big elk head hiding in the tall grass and a couple of smaller elk off in the distance. What an awesome way for me to actually wear my Golden Elk while she is gone and I am all alone in this big ole house. What an amazing and beautiful woman that I get to be hooked up with in this life time. What a magical mystery tour of committed and conscious attention to what it takes to cohabit with an often cantankerous, petulant, and challenging soul that doesn’t always make it easy or harmonious. Man oh man am I a lucky dude.

Great shot of Mom at the cottage on her 80th Birthday

Last night I watched a video that my Mom made of the history of our family cottage that goes back in a rich documentary style to the early 1800s to trace the story of how these islands in Georgian Bay Ontario came to these boys who lived in Columbus Ohio in 1920. Mom did all the research, the compiling of old letters, pictures, movies, stories from historians, libraries, museums and of course google. She scanned and edited, wrote a script that was witty and informative, added in music and burned the DVD’s (including laser labels). She made a high quality documentary for our extended family that will keep alive a history that was almost completely forgotten, and not even fully known by her generation or the generation before her, of a place that is sacred and, for many of us the most important piece of real estate on this planet. Now that is legacy.

So these two incredible ladies shape me in some way every day of my life. They influence me in ways I am not usually even aware of. Their voices whisper do’s and don’t do’s in my head all the time, sometimes to my detriment but mostly in ways that increase my consciousness and steer me towards being a better man. To these women, these loves, I am deeply and eternally grateful.

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