Connected Dreams

If every fractal were a dream, and every dream a universe,
and all of it lived in my dream consciousness, wooooo.

Wow, I woke up suddenly this morning and was yanked out of a really interesting set of dreams. The characters in the dreams, probably all me in different forms (who really knows), had these communication devices, microphones and earphones of different shapes and sizes, that once they clipped into a something metal to ground could talk across dreams to characters in other dreams. It was a bit bizarre to be in one dream talking to someone in another dream. I don’t remember anything that happened in the dreams except an image of myself and a woman clipped into a chain link fence to ground and then pulling out our mic and earphone combos. I had one of those that clipped on the ear and the mic extended from the earpiece and she had a separate mic that she held in her hand and headphones. We were dressed all in black and it was night with a bright moon out and it was like we were spies or something, like we were dream hoppers, or we were just people in one dream who were able to connect up with people in another dream. I am not sure because I had just gone a couple of days ago to a movie about dreaming and dreamers with Leo DiCaprio call “Inception”. So I think that the movie was somewhat helping to give me the structure of my dreams, except of course things were very different in my dreams then in the movie.

OK so I got that part out before I forgot that too, along with all the other details of the dreams. I am feeling also that there are a lot of different dreams intersecting in my life right now. Some are just beginning, some are ending, some are deep in the story, and some have either fizzled out or feel like they are in a stuck place. I think it would be terrific if I could open up a channel of communication between all these dreams and see what they might need from each other. What else could be sent across dreams with some good grounding? I know that all the dreams are linked into the Dream of Life and if they aren’t they are fantasies that will disipate in awhile. Because they all connect into the DoL, they are all part of that dream and it all becomes one. There is this place though where I believe they have a unique and important part to play all by themselves as unfolding dream expressions of the DoL. I think it would be extremely cool to be able to exchange resources across dreams to strengthen the dreams as they are unfolding and as they strengthen to the place where they manifest and become reality. Now that is an extremely cool idea. In that way I really am creating my universeS, I am truly living and playing in multi universes of my own consciousness. God I love it when I can spiral out into the possibilities of who I am and who we are as humans and what indeed we are ultimately capable of doing and creating. Ain’t life grand?

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