Vacation, practices, & untangling knots

tangled_threads-2010-07-24-08-30.jpgShhhhhh Karen’s asleep. It’s the first day of our vacation and it is about 8:30 in the morning and Karen is sleeping in. I am hoping she will sleep in every morning of the vacation and get plenty of naps as well and let sleep do it’s miraculous healing and restoring. She has been working her tukus off this last year and a half and this is her first real vacation in quite awhile. We have secluded ourselves off in a secret hideaway with spectacular views and wonderful places to hang out and excellent little side jaunts to take if we feel like it and comfy furniture to curl up in with a book if we feel like that instead. We have vowed to not look at a computer (except for blogging and the occasional recreational game), emails, voice-mails and as little work conversation as possible. We are both interested in using this time to devote ourselves to our practices and let the rest of life find its own way for a week or so.

So here I am sipping tea and whispering into my blog in the silence of this house and this place contemplating my day. Knowing that I’ll probably finish this entry and then meditate for a bit. I’ll make a delicious breakfast for the two of us, because by then I am sure Karen will be up. Maybe I’ll go for a walk while Karen does her yoga and meditation. Maybe we’ll take a jaunt into town today, there is a farmers market today and we could go and see what fruits and veggies are on. Maybe I’ll open one of the 4 books I am reading, maybe I’ll finish one. Maybe I’ll just sit around outside and watch the day go by. Maybe we’ll fix up a great meal out of the stuff we pick up at the farmers market or maybe we’ll go to a local cafe for a bite. At some point in the day we’ll work on a few new practices that we are wanting to put into place, which we have time to do because we aren’t having to focus on all the other things that work has us focus on.

We will both be spending some time this week of vacation biting our nails as we go through the withdrawal symptoms of work addiction. Each of us in our own way get caught up in habits and beliefs around work that are more addictive and compulsive then they are life giving. There are some wonderful beliefs and attitudes that each of us have in our relationship with work and there are also some nasty ones that are all tangled up with each other. In the time of this vacation it would be good to spend some of our meditation and contemplation time on that tangle and look at the possibilities of untangling that knot. It is really the biggest knot in our relationship. Because we are married, co-founders of a business and a movement, co-owners of a business, and both work in different capacities in that business there are many ways that those different threads around work, both healthy and not, could get tangled up and because each of us in our own way is very good at the work we do and each of us in our own way can get caught up in our own bad habits and beliefs around the work we do, this is a knot that needs to be gently pulled apart and examined and find the way to free up the threads so they can find a way to weave a good and healthy tapestry of work. Wow that was a looooong sentence. I think I must be a little nervous about untangling this sucker. It seems so fraught with little burrs and prickly places that get us into trouble and trouble is not someplace either of us want to go while on vacation. We both want to reduce stress and rest and relax. So if we are to untangle any knots we have to do it in as stress free a way as possible. That is the intention here. Man oh Man if we can pull that off we will be able to write the book that we have been wanting to write for years about how couples who work together can avoid killing each other 🙂

So off to find a picture and a title and then off to do some meditating.

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