I sat down this morning in my Lazyboy with my laptop on my lap and started to wonder what to write this morning, on this second day of my vacation, and I started to feel this longing in my heart and tears started to form in the corners of my eyes as I began to wonder where you were, what you are doing, and how is your consciousness evolving? I started to wander over all of the courses, workshops, and speeches I have done and to wander back through all of the clients that I have coached and consulted, laughed and cried with, and held hands and accountability with over the years. As my heart quickened its pace and my smile began to form on my mouth I began to imagine you all out there doing your thing. I realized that I could really only imagine you from my world. I could only truly see you living into the possibility of you that we both saw together. Oh sure I could have all sorts of room for you to take very different paths to that possibility then we imagined or then you saw for yourself at the time we were together. I started to imagine the worlds you were touching and the impact you were having on those worlds. I started to sense into the unfolding dream of life and imagine how your dreams were feeding that and fostering the evolution of consciousness in this universe and I saw that it was happening.

Then I started to feel desire. I started to want to know from you what is happening in your universes. How are you shaping your world? As you step out into life how is your consciousness opening and what are you seeing and doing?

Here’s my fantasy. I am going to put a poll at the bottom of this post with a bunch of these questions. I want anyone who is reading this to send it on to everyone they know that knows me and have them do the same. I want to know the difference that I have made up to this point in my life with you. I want to know from you what the journey in front of you looks like. I want to hear from participants in any course or workshop or program I have led. I want to hear from any client I have coached or consulted. I want to hear from old friends and girl friends and family members. I want this blog to be overwhelmed with the responses and comments it gets. I want this post to spike off the charts with readers and particularly with comments and stories. I want the successes and the failures. The wins and the disappointments.

Bring it on. Let’s show the world how it’s waking up.

Thank you for filling out the poll and now please leave a comment in the “reply” section, with some details, so that everyone else and I can see what you have been up to since our work together. OR, if you are feeling a bit more private with your comments you can contact me without leaving a comment in the “reply” section if you like through the contact form below.


  1. Hi Henry,
    Ah, the longing to know what’s become of those whose lives we have impacted… we need a magical seer. Well I have floundered a lot, been ill a lot, moved again (and maybe soon again – hopefully to “the place – ha”) and am now finally owning my own wisdom in ways I never thought possible. I am working with a coach and getting back into it myself. I will soon be launching a virtual Deep Self Care program. I am also working with people in learning to listen and speak from the heart. And, last but not least, a long time dream is happening! I am a Wilderness Guide (holding sacred space for people to discover connection to Spirit through the natural world) in training. i live in gratitude most of the time. Yippee! What I know is: all that I have experienced has come to make me the person I enjoy, and feel is making a contribution. And since you and your creative “offspring” were a significant part of that, I say thank you Henry Kimsey-House. May your heart remain full, your mind be ever playful and the awareness of being alive continue to inspire and delight you. Lots of love to you and Karen, Carolyn

    • Yes I did Yara, thank you.

      I will be getting back to you and all who have responded when I am back from vacation.


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