Arrgggghhhh. What to do? How to get this dang vision formed more completely in my heart, mind, spirit and body, so that I can express it with clarity and certainty in the world. The struggle for clarity and understanding can be daunting sometimes, for sure. I want to feel a solid belief in it growing in my body. I want to feel this solid belief in this vision grow into the space around me and become clear and solid in that space and then watch it expand out and cover my universe like a warm blanket and then I want people to get it and be inspired by it. I can feel it in there like a solidifying mass in the middle of my chest, my vision for this Summit, pulsating. With every beat it is growing larger. I can feel it sending sparks out in conversations with people as I argue, plea, cajole, charm and dance out the words of feelings and thoughts about the purpose and vision of what it is that we are trying to give birth to here. I can see the sparks of fire light up in their eyes as they capture a piece of it. I can also see the unsparked eyes that I just can’t get any sparks out to…. yet. It’s not their fault for being dense, it is completely my fault for not being denser, for not finding ways to move that mass out of me more effectively and powerfully.

I saw a great Ted talk recently that I am going to try to paste in here:

What this guy is talking about is the key to so much of what I am up to with this Summit and actually what we are up to in this world of co-active coaching and leadership. We need to get clear on our Why’s. We need to know why we are alive right now and why we are doing what we are doing right now. That belief, that vision, that purpose, that stake, that is at the heart of our lives and at the heart of this moment. This is essential for spreading the blanket across my universe.

Why this Summit?

Let me start with my “why”, always a good place to start in a personal blog, eh what? First I am going to state my Purpose, My I Am statement, my personal mission and dedication.

I am spirit awakened
I fill the Universe with limitless light, wondrous love & enthusiastic life.
I am the way of peace, and the cosmic belly laugh of joy and creation.
I awaken humanity to it’s aliveness and creativity.
I point and protect the evolution of consciousness.

So this is the why of me, of this soul or spirit that I am dwelling in this body and this time, feeling these emotions and having these thoughts. This is the me that is moving through life towards Marco Island Florida in February where I will hook up with a bunch of folks that have related purposes, missions and dedications to the universes that they dwell in.

So this being that I Am has a belief and feels a longing that is growing. It is feeling urgent and yet not desperate. It is feeling imminent not threatening. This feeling is one of an evolutionary leap that we humans and perhaps all of life is actually in the middle of. We are leaping across a paradigm shift, a chasm of reality, a grand canyon of possibility. It is a leap from the I to the We. It is a leap from the ego and the Self to being Part of a family of Life. It is my personal belief that our lead foot, in this leap, is about to touch down on this new paradigm and we humans are about to take our first breaths of this new atmosphere and most of us aren’t ready. I believe that co-active coaches and leaders are ideally positioned to be guides in this universe of mystery, wonder and terror. Surely there are others out there as well that are ready to lead this dance, and I am clear now that these thousands of people that have shared this co-active experience have shared tools and values that will have them be well prepared for this responsibility.

So, Why gather? Another belief that I have is that there is a critical mass of energy gathering for this evolutionary leap and that some great evolutionary theorists have named what I think is getting ready to happen. Don Beck, who wrote Spiral Dynamics, talks about a shift from “Tier 1 to Tier 2”, shifting from a world view where the individual is most concerned about their own survival to a world view where my individual survival is handled and my looking is now towards the survival of the species and the survival of life itself. Brian Hall (boy I wish I knew more about his work on values when we started all this back in the late 80’s and early 90’s!) who’s book “Values Shift” talks about the evolution of world view from “Phase III to Phase IV” a shift from the world being perceived by the individual as “A project in which I must participate” creatively and independently to the world being perceived as “A mystery for which we all must care” interdependently. I think we have done a pretty good job at fostering and nurturing the Phase III world view as coaches and leaders. I believe we are ready as Co-Active Coaches and Leaders to collectively move into preparing the ground and ourselves to lead and guide people as the foot comes down on the other side of this leap.

The Summit is a place for us to tune ourselves, brush up on our dance steps and get ready for the foot to land solidly in the Mystery. It is a place for us to dive into that Mystery together and learn to swim around in it so that as that evolutionary foot comes down and the rest of life is diving into this pool we are ready to serve with gratitude and wisdom the transformational process.

So I’ll see me at the Summit and maybe I’ll see you there too.

10 responses to “Why?

  1. Wow Henry – this is really enrolling. You have me second thinking the summit. You are speaking my language, mystery, foot on the other side, what we are all up to now and asking why. Just as we have impact even when we think we are not, we are participating in this shift even when we think we are not. Why not have it be conscious participation.

  2. I’ve left a response to your comment on the other blog.

    Great that you have started blogging again – I have enjoyed reading your blog posts and it’s a fantastic way to connect and explore your thoughts in the world!

  3. Henry, I am astounded how much our purpose is still alike, after all these years. Guess we solidified it way back in those 1980’s days at AIP when you challenged me to come to a 7AM meeting where we focused our energy and planned how to achieve our goals. Thank you for all that you shared so generously…. it has been of great value. More to come, natch! Peace & metta dear friend!!!

  4. Hi Martha,
    That’s where it all started back in those Full Day workshops at AIP and the The TAI Intensives. We worked on Life Purpose and avoided the Swamp and set goals for ourselves. Pretty good stuff for young actors who didn’t have a clue.

  5. Thanks for posting the link to the Ted speech. I’m thinking this is key to starting the business of coaching, and perhaps getting clear on my “Why” is the piece that’s been missing. Looking forward to the summit!

  6. Hey Henry,

    You are generating powerful images and energy with your words. I’m signed up — for Leader Days and the Summit. I even have a hotel room reserved. So I’m there — all the way! You can count on me as an ally.

    Love you!

  7. I keep playing with the whys – you know like a two year old does. Why is it important for us to tune ourselves, brush up on our dance steps and get ready for the foot to land solidly in the Mystery? I end up with the for the sake of what questions. Here’s what I notice… you have created something truly transformational in coactive leadership and there is huge opportunity for this work.
    Part of the challenge and opportunity that I see is in awakening the quietly sleeping. Be it awakening the corporate giants or the quietly sheep walking. In a world which is full of so what’s here is our challenge. If we speak in voices that the awake understand, how do we get through to the gently sleeping? Who’s map etc? What I love about the TED video is it starts at the heart level – it kind of hits you straight there. I make up that the summit speaks to the awake and in doing so reignites the possibilities to re-stoke fires, build connections and create strength, creativity, aliveness and more leadership movements and evolution. Thank you, you’ve got me thinking in a whole new way about my quest! Ho!

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