4seasons-2010-09-17-07-58.jpgAnother foggy morning at Dillon Beach. We are at the tail end of the Fog season and once and awhile a glorious day or two slips in with stunning sunsets, then the fog marches back in to blanket the world around me, thick enough that I can barely see the trees at the bottom of the yard. We are transitioning though to a time that is typically crisp, cool and clear with nice high clouds that reflect such wonderful colors at hot tub time which happens right before dinner time. The final transition of the year is into rainy season with winds and rain sprinkled with clean fresh washed days inbetween. So for those of you out there who thought we didn’t have seasons in California here you are, slipping through the cycles of the seasons with me.

Cycles of energy in me are sometimes tied to the seasons. There is something about the fall that feels like a call back to work after a summer of lolling around. I know this was one of the busiest summers I have had in years, work wise, and yet there is still a feeling of excitedly being called back, wanting to go back, like a horse at the gate waiting and wanting the starting gun to go off. All that work I did in the summer I dragged myself to, I liked it once I was there and had a great time doing it and it got done because it was there to do and in my calendar. If it wasn’t I would have lolled around a whole lot more. The same is true of my practices, with which I have been lolling around and which are now calling me back into action on. This call of the fall has no shoulds in it and not much resistance associated with it. It actually has some enthusiasm behind it and is eager and creative. Blogging is happening again, Meditation is happening again, Swimming starts on Tuesday, Eating locally with moderation and restraint and consciousness is being folded back into the practices more enthusiastically. So it is my intention and desire to feel the call and respond, to make the choice to pick up those practices that I know make me a better human being and to merge them with the Four Agreements and to Do My Best. I am grateful to this blog as it continues to provide for my accountability. I know that the most important thing with my practices is that I just choose them today, and then when I wake up tomorrow choose them again. I know that what kills me with the practices is turning them into a promise to myself of performance in the future and then set expectations of perfection and certainty and then something happens to mess with that performance of the expectation of perfection and assumptions get made and things get taken personally and I sink into a practiceless pit of despair. So no more of that, Today I choose to practice what I know and to step into the Mystery of what we will cook up together in this great mysterious universe.

Yesterday I met with Karen and Sabrina and we “Strategized” (remember yesterdays post) the upcoming Summit and the Pathways therein. We danced with the creativity in ourselves and blended with the wonderful creativity of 50 or so people both on paper and in our imaginations and we created what we imagine is an inspiring recipe for a delicious soup of transformation, a journey with many pathways and choices up the evolutionary summit of humankind. We’re pretty excited.

Today I meet with Helen House, Susan Carlisle and Karen to look at the transformational nature of our core coaching curriculum to see how things need to be adjusted and what may need to be added or subtracted to point our work in the same direction that we feel the evolution of consciousness is calling it to move.

And talk about cycles and seasons it is a complete trip to be the designer of something and to hand responsibility for piloting it and test driving it over to others. It is completely necessary to keep the seasons changing and the cycles turning and making sure that old things get harvested for their seeds, then letting new things bud from that seed and grow bigger and better new things from those budded seeds. Turn Turn turn.

One response to “Cycles

  1. What an exciting time in your cycles to come and create with you again. Thank you so very much for letting yourself live in ‘the trip’ while we test drive it for you. Thanks for you trust in us. Come to think of it, I bet BMW doesn’t have their designers test drive the cars – too dangerous! We put our helmets, fire suits, and 5 point harnesses on for you. 🙂 See you soon!!

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