Include and Transcend

As I sit here and think, ponder, contemplate and meld into the universal mind I realize that I am pulled between two powers that my beautiful wife Karen Kimsey-House talked about recently in a blog post that she did on “Homeostasis & Emergence” (It’s really a great post, go ahead and click it and read it for yourself). These two “powers of the universe” are always at play. One pulling us towards stability and what’s known and certain. One pulling us out into what’s next and unknown. Boy on any given day I can feel mySelf as the rope being played tug of war with by these two great powers.

Here I am this morning after a big day of design and redesign with these creative women looking at things that are perfectly settled and do great things in the world and do an excellent job at giving people a wonderful experience of this thing we call co-active coaching. We are standing solidly in tried and true things like the Model that we have been living with for years that pretty much defines who we are and wondering how it will emerge into the next place. As we wonder about that we find ourselves yanked back and forth between these two great powers, as you can well imagine. In fact I am betting right now if you have been exposed to our model this little tease has made a tug of war rope of you as well. You might be scared to death that we are going to mess with something that has changed your life and is perfect the way it is while at the same time you are curious as hell about what we might be dreaming up. If you aren’t familiar with the star in the circle model of Co-active Coaching then think about any other model that you are familiar with that the knowing of it felt like you were being let into a grand secret, Maslow’s triangle, Beck’s Spiral, Einstein’s train, the solar system. Now imagine that they all come back and want to mess with it and change it so that those models morph into something that includes what was said before and it also includes emerging thoughts and ideas. It would feel very strange, I reckon, to have to get myself settled back into that new model and I very much would resist and resent what was being asked of me, while at the same time I would really want to know what was changing and why it was changing. That feeling in you is this thing that is going on in me as we look at our model and re-look at some of the core things we designed 15 years ago and ask ourselves what is emerging here in this time?

There is this interesting panic that I feel rising in me and I imagine is rising in some of you as you read this. The question begins to arise “If I am a leader that is responsible for my impact, how much responsibility do I need to take to ameliorate that panic and care for the people?” “What do I do with what is emerging and how do I keep the tap open and let the new stuff fill the cup, and not have to redesign the cup to capture all the new stuff that is flowing?”

Then there is the whole question of ego. How identified is my ego or our ego with what was? How important is it to keep it the way it is so my/our ego can feel certain and confident and in control of this thing that we claim as mine/ours. How much of this is about protecting the ego?

In evolution, which is what I think we all are in the middle of taking a major leap in right now, we must be able to “include and transcend” according to Wilbur and Beck. As I look at what I am doing here over the next period of design and development I need to remember that evolution is happening. In order for this evolution to happen what was needs to be included, all that works and didn’t work, all that made us scream, cry and laugh needs to be included, everything that caused an aha or a burst of insight or caused a shattering of the heart or a fit of rage needs to be included, and once all of that is included and allowed in this container of now then we can transcend and leap to the next stage in our evolution.

So when it comes to my work here with these gorgeous and creative women I need to remember that we are including all that went before as we step forward, and if we are not including as we step then we have to go back and look at what and where we need to capture and contain and include before we step forward. The same is true for the work we are doing in putting this Summit together, Include and Transcend.

An interesting thought that I had while I was writing about evolution. When you add the “aRse” to evolution you get Revolution.

One response to “Include and Transcend

  1. Love it, Henry! The naming of the beauty of the tension. The need for all of it! It’s calling forth Hokey Pokey living (whole self in) on the organizational and conceptual level, I think. All valuable and needing freedom to show up and be part of that which is emerging. And…loved your “aRse” addition at the end. Kinda reminded me of what Mary Alice said to me—(only with a cool British accent which I’ll now take the liberty of giving her)—around 100% leaning in. “I need your “aRse”!”

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