I have decided that I will take Sunday off from any “serious” thinking, at least here in the blog. I am saving all my serious thinking cells for the last mile here in the design work I am doing, which is going along swimmingly by the by. I think a delightful dance showed up yesterday out of all that tension. A dance of design that honors both of those magical powers we were talking about yesterday. Of course there will be change and emergence and at the same time there will be stable platforms and edges to grab a hold of when one needs to. In fact some of those platforms and edges have been more clearly marked and, I think, easier to find. Breathing is still happening as we inquire into other changes we are contemplating. There will be more exhales and inhales before those leaps are made.

So if today isn’t about serious writing what is it about? I feel like pasting a wonderful social media joke in her that I got from my book club buddy Amy.


As I look at my blog stats for the weekends and notice that my readership drops way down I become aware that the conversation that WE are having slows down and the conversation that I am having blows in more powerfully off the beach. I am getting mySelf all prepped and teed up for kicking mySelf back into gear in all my practices. I have begun with a dabble of them. I am here on the blog daily sometimes completely consciously and sometimes not, go ahead guess which was when. Meditation is clunking into place with occasional visits to my little meditation room, that will be a daily practice by mid week next week. Swimming starts on Tuesday and that will be several times a week to start and then I will sprinkle in some walks on the non-swim days. Eating locally is happening for the most part with dinners and breakfasts and now it is time to make certain that lunches fall into line.

Well that is the simple story for you loyal Sunday readers. Have a great sunday, I know I will, even if it is a tad FOGGY again.

One response to “Sunday

  1. Hi Henry,

    Thanks for the Sunday Reading, even though I’m reading it a few days later. I needed to laugh today and you’ve succeeded in bringing out the “Sunday” in me.

    All I need to here are those dinosaurs yelling, “Noooooooooo!”.

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