I still love this photo and it captures the feeling pretty darn well.

I have been on the phone for the last couple of days firming up plans with some of the pathway presenters at the Co-Active Summit and I have been designing cool stuff with Karen and others in the overall shape and design of the Summit. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

I just met with an incredible team of people at my house and we did great work at opening up the lines of communication on the team and clearing some assumptions and creating some forgiveness, recognition and honoring of failures, recognizing and occupying roles, breaking down the walls and seeing the people we love on the other side of those walls, and spotting the different geometric patterns at play in the team. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

I had an amazing design session with some incredible women where we examined sacred cows and buffed some up, threw some out and created new ones in a way that is going to make so much sense to the work we do in the world at CTI and to the people who deliver and partake in that work. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

I went swimming, meditated and ate healthy and good food more often then not this week and have got mySelf back on the practice wagon. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

It all reminds me of when I was an actor and would first get notice that I was cast in something. I would be so excited I could barely contain myself and at the same time I would be scared shitless of my ability to deliver on what I was so excited to be delivering. All of these things feel the same. In addition to being so excited I am also frightened of the leaps I am taking and my ability to deliver. It is like the feeling of being high in the trees and walking out a plank to the end and looking down, terrified, knowing that there is no choice really except to leap off of that plank into midair. A part of you realizes that there is a belay rope attached to you and people that will catch you and you will live, yet all of that is in just a small recess in your brain while most of you is filled with this amazing combination of fear and excitement that you are leaping into something you have no idea about, really, and yet there you are leaping.

The Summit is like that for me, as are these other activities I am leaping into. In a part of my being I am very solid and know there are brilliant people who have my back and that no matter what happens I will land safely in love. And yet most of my being is sitting in this alive and flying place of excitement/fear.

This Summit is going to be sooo cool, unlike any conference that has been done before, at least unlike any that I have been to and that most of the people in my world have been to. How do you take 500 people with some common backgrounds in CTI and co-active training and create the same magic that we create in a room with 24 people? How do you take them on a journey, or put them in a story that starts them out all together and ends with them all together, and yet how they get there has a myriad of possibilities? The pathways are completely different and yet they start in the same place and end in the same place. Not only do they start and end in the same place but the contextual journey that the travelers are taking is the same even if the pathways are completely different. How do you have 500 people shift paradigms, take an evolutionary leap, and move into the mystery with certainty as Co-Active Leaders and Coaches?

What a leap, here grab my hand and leap with me.

One response to “Excited!

  1. Henry;
    Your exictment reach EGYPT invitimg me to come over the summit. It was so vibrant and real Exitment !

    Hatem Azzam
    Coactive Coach, Egypt

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