They are all filled now with different voices and directions.

ARRRGGHHH, do I ever have deep compassion for schedulers, for those people who’s job it is to get a bunch of people to a meeting at the same time. Especially people who are out there busy in the world doing important things for themselves and their worlds, trying to get a couple of dozen of these incredible folks who are scattered across the globe, in different timezones, to an hour and a half call at the same time is enough to make the scheduler, in this case me, go ARRRGGHH.

I think there is a part of the grey matter in my brain that is missing or it is there but all the bridges to it have been cut and it is sitting there trying to do its job but there is no way to get across to the other parts of my brain. It’s that part of the brain that can patiently put something like this together. That part of the brain that can say at some point “OK this isn’t going to work, you need to move this piece here and that piece there and cancel this and reschedule this and then you need to………” that part of my brain just pulls up any bridges that there are and says “Go Away and don’t you think about coming in here you big pain in the butt mess of co-ordination of bits and pieces, beat it.” Another part of my brain or ego says “Hey haven’t you reached a point in your life and career when you should have a staff of highly qualified people sitting next to you up there in Dillon Beach just to take care of these little problems for you.” And then another part of my brain says “Ah come on, who do you think you are you lazy bum, get it together and just buckle down and do this thing, it ain’t that hard it just takes good ole persistence buddy, get to it” Then there is that wounded child of some sort that wants to go get some ice cream and hide under the covers until it all just goes away.

And to think that all those suckers are nattering away pretty much constantly along with all of the other characters inside that have a gazillion opinions about every breath I take. Finally there are the voices that are the empowering voices that actually point me and steer me in directions that will eventually prove fruitful. The key of course is to turn the volume up on those voices and the volume down on all those other guys. Sometimes a lot more easier said then done. One of the ways of sliding the volume knobs in the direction that works is to write here in this blog and blab all the voices out and then smile and see how silly it all is in the end and that the work is just too dang important to get hung up in all this. That gets me through pretty dang quickly actually. So thanks blog for giving me that gift.

The Mystery, The Mystery, The Mystery. Ah it calls and it is so darn mysterious. So much of me wants to know and wants to have certainty about what’s next and what’s out there to discover and explore. Of course you don’t really explore or discover something you already know and so we must leap into the mystery to truly explore or discover anything. This Summit is about that leap into the Mystery of the Universe and all of life and to face that Mystery, that Unknown and Unknowable together and to look at how to care for it with all of our being. We have to find ways to work together co-actively to both leap in while at the same time already taking responsibility for what it is we are leaping into even before we have the faintest clue what that is. A collective leap of faith and responsibility.

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