I Believe!

Start the energetic wave in your feet and let it curl and wiggle it’s way up your legs and into your hips, stay there and let it build up it’s expression and let it move it’s way up your torso and be amazed as it lifts your arms high into the air and tosses your head back and you find your self shouting to the Universe “I BELIEVE”. You know what that’s like? Whatever your faith is, whatever structures, values, truths you may hold at the core of your being is a believer that knows that the dream, the story, that is unfolding in the universe is perfect. No matter what fears and doubts show up to pollute that belief, at the center of the Self is this unshakable energetic belief. If you are doubting me try it, go ahead, stand with your feet solidly on the ground and feel the energy start in your feet and move your body with it as it moves on up. Notice the doubter and the frightened one having loads of comments about the how ridiculous you look and how this will never work and let it move anyway, let it move through your heart and out of your mouth and your fingertips, “I BELIEVE”. Now you might have to do it a couple of times to have one that rings true for you, it doesn’t matter because it’s in there and you know, you believe you will find it. So go ahead, believe, believe in the unfolding dream of the universe, of life, of the mystery. Know that it’s all inside of you, everything you need to both create and live into that unfolding story, Believe.

I woke up this morning believing. There are many mornings I wake up doubting and this morning I woke up believing. Believing in mySelf, believing in who I am and what I do, believing the acknowledgments and accolades that come my way and believing the feedback and critiques that come my way, and most of all believing that no matter how hard my inner doubter, saboteur, frightened, lazy, judge works to mess with it I know that ultimately I am living my dream and serving life. I had to smile this morning because even though I am in the midst of some of the most unknown creative waters I have ever swum in and it sometimes feels like there is nothing solid around to grab onto I absolutely know with every cell in my being that I am swimming in the right direction and that when I need it there will be something to rest on. My judge smiles and says “Man are you a naive pollyanna, you are gonna die out here in these shark infested waters and end up looking ridiculous!” I confess I do have my days when I let that voice be too strong and it makes me sharpen up and “try to look good” or wonder if I need to wear a jacket and a tie. Then I smile again and realize that I don’t do jacket and tie anymore. There is no way that I am gonna “look good” the way that one wants me to look and I will end up betraying mySelf and stumbling around sweating and trying to…….. so I smile, turn over and turn off the alarm clock and get up into this morning, this life, believing.

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