I’ve heard it said by people who say great things, I have had it happen to me many times before in my life and yet when it happens it still surprises me and causes a whole range of mixed emotions, responses and even ego reactions, Synchronicity.

Two years ago I was out on the same land my beloved wife is on right now in New Mexico learning from the land and my teachers all about Intention and Dreaming. We were asked to do a walkabout and pick up a rock that symbolized our dedication. I walked around for awhile on the edge of the canyon, rocks all around me, in the midst of a deep contemplation about what I was dedicated to. Often my mind would fill with thoughts so that I couldn’t see the rocks and then I would empty out my mind, stand still, look at the sky and the ground and see rocks. After one of these emptying moments I started to walk again and my boot kicked this fist sized rock over. I picked up this roundish rock with the rough edges and looked at it closely and saw that it was veined. If the rock were a sort of squished globe with the poles being dimpled in a bit, then the veins were moving around the rock from pole to pole north to south, south to north. Each of the poles became eyes of sorts and into my mind popped…

“I am dedicated to the brightening of the diamond of human consciousness and fostering it’s evolution.”

Well I was quite moved by the way that all came about and with the dedication itself. I could feel mySelf swell with the truth and the responsibility of it. I returned home and wrote about it here in my blog and I began to include it in conversations I was having with my tribe, my people. I began looking around and seeing the truth of this dedication in me in the work I have done previously and I also looked at how I could reshape that work to carry forth my dedication more powerfully. I worked with brilliant collaborators who shared my dedication or maybe to be more accurate had clear purposes and dedications of their own that aligned perfectly with mine.

I say “mine or my dedication” and it sounds possessive and my ego has a field day trying to attach itself to this dedication as some sort of “big new” thing. Well all I can do is say to my ego “You do your thing guy, there is work I need to do here, just don’t get in my way.” So off goes my ego to grow more hands and fingers so that he can grab a hold of this growing beautiful thing, bye bye for now.

Information starts to flow in from the universe from all sorts of sources who are thinking about and have been thinking about this same stuff for quite awhile. New names of great thinkers plop themselves down in front of me to look at and learn from. People like Brian Hall, who I am going down to visit today, who wrote a book called “Values Shift” in 1990, right about when I was starting coaching and coaching training. Laura Whitworth and I collaborated to create this way of mining for values from a very experiential and practical direction and then clarifying them and prioritizing them that seemed to work very well for people, at the same time Brian Hall was doing amazing work with values through a more scientific method and combining them with skills, developmental stages and cycles. I never heard of Brian Hall until I put my dedication into high gear and began co-creating the Co-Active Summit and Jeremy Stover one of the co-creators put up Brain’s stages of development and my jaw dropped in recognition and my brain began firing off as it looked at all the models that seemed to be similarly represented here. Synchronicity.

We went on designing and developing the Summit and more and more synchronicity began showing up and then yesterday my friend Cherie Beck forwarded an email with a link to me that was many thought leaders that I admired had gotten together two months ago at a Summit of their own called “Evolutionary Leadership”. I went to the site (link is included here) and saw people I admired who I have known to be talking about other things and seemed pointed in their own directions had gathered and were talking about the same things that the rock on the canyon wall told me to be talking about 2 years ago. Synchronicity.

Here is where my ego started throwing up a silent little hissy fit. “Oh so you thought you were da man. You thought you were stepping out into some unknown mystery and taking people where they haven’t gone before, you are a eensy weensy inconsequential speck of silicon in that rock you picked up.” It’s a bit sad that after all that work growing more hands and fingers to hold so tightly onto that growing dedication all he could come up with was this spittle.

MySelf responds by saying that as the Sacred Dream of Life unfolds itself and grows clearer and clearer both in my own being and in the universe created by both my being and the unfolding dream, well of course the ears will open up and start hearing the voices that are also singing the same song, the eyes will open up and see the beauty of the faces, bodies, groups, organizations, communities and nations doing the work and play that is necessary to foster that evolution, the heart will open up with gratitude to all that is that it is in touch with all of the other hearts that love and care for life and humanity, and the spirit will smile with recognition of the important work that we are all doing in this universe.

2 responses to “Synchronicity

  1. I like this post very much. I am so, so, so attracted to colloboration and ‘uncovering’ people who share similiar thoughts/ideas/quests and how they are doing things differently and how they might be doing things similiarly. I love working with Ursula on our polarity&wholeness book where we are bringing together different roots, practices and theories on polarity&wholeness together – we’re not really that interested in developing a new or orginial theory/model – we are happy to adapt existing models and credit their origins. Rather, it’s all about what it this thing called polarity and wholeness that is so important, who else is working with it – sometimes in explicit sometimes in not so explicit ways and what is our contribution to the great field of polarity and wholeness? It opens up the discussion for me to be inclusive and take on a meta-view – along the way I have met great teachers/mentors – like the wonderful Parker Palmer who I have meet mainly through his books and a few emails back and forth. Or people like Wendy Palmer, my teacher/mentor (no relation to Parker!) who founded Conscious Embodiment but roots it firmly in wisdom traditions, saying that she is merely ‘re-ordering’ this wisdom – as opposed to inventing something new. And joining in to colloborate other seekers on the journey – such as with friends I connected with at ALIA.

    It’s do inspiring to be open to the world and see who and what else we can co-create from – it takes the pressure of feeling ‘I have to do this by myself’ to feeling that ‘Wow, I can lean into the magnificence of others as they can lean into me!’ Enjoy your meeting and the power of what you two will co-create together!

  2. Smiling. Reminds me of what a wise man (perhaps you know him?) once said. “All the good stuff is connected to all the good stuff.”

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