Visit with the Turtle.

My mind is abuzz. I am sitting here sipping my tea and eating some melon and cottage cheese. My mind is working on several things at the same time both forwards and backwards in time. The present is filled with a delicious bite of melon and finding a curd of cottage cheese behind a tooth and twirling it around my tongue before it gets chomped again and sent down the pipes. Between each present savory moment what is also in the present is a leg bouncing nervous anticipation of my first call with my fellow designers and presenters for the 3rd pathway at the Summit. “Am I prepared? What am I going to do? Will I give enough space and yet create a clear and enrolling vision at the same time?” Are the thoughts that going with the bouncing leg and the twiddling feet. At the same time I am digesting my meeting in Santa Cruz with Brian Hall and his lovely wife Elva. “What did I learn? What’s possible with the connections and the information? Where do I go next? What is it we need, the we of CTI, the we of the Summit, and the we of the world of human experience?” Oh yes take a breath and another bite of melon. In through the nose take in another deep one and out through the mouth, exhale and have a sip of tea. Then thoughts of missing Karen come in and remind me that so much of my life is grounded in the amazing dance I have with her.

What is becoming very clear for me is that after I finish this multi tasking and multi thinking experience I must head up to my meditation room for a sit and emptying experience. With every breath I take that becomes clearer and clearer. Screw waiting I am going now and I’ll finish this after my meditation……..

Ahhh yes 22 minutes later… had one phone call from my busy world that went great and then 15 minutes of meditation that slooooowed me down. I was already remembering to breathe and this slowed me down even more, the tap is gone in my feet and the nervous bounce is gone in the legs. I am clear that in what ever is arising in this day I can move through it with certainty and clarity and at the same time mystery and cluelessness. That practice is always there and it’s much more productive then another visit to the fridge. So on with my day from the Bear and the Turtle, I do need to remind mySelf to visit that turtle, because that big bear can get a lot of momentum as he is running down the hill.

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