Video and Hill

When I was in Japan last month leading an amazing group of people through Retreat 5 I met up with John Turner, from Digital Flannel (The guys who have created CTI’s website design and the look and feel of the new logo with all the related videos and pictures), and he shot this video of me talking about Co-Active Coaching, Leadership and the Summit. If you can get past my hair blowing all over the place I think it’s pretty good. It points to two things that I want to be conscious of here in this blog. The first is the dedication, direction, vision, mission of what it is I am up to with CTI and my work in the world. The second is my double chin. My message and my eyes trump my chin and I am working on reducing neck, chin and belly so that no one needs to work at getting past that to tune into the message any more.

Not bad huh? First to the first point. I just got done spending two days imagining and dreaming possibilities and maps for the next level of curriculum for CTI with Karen and Art Shirk. Art has this astonishing ability to stay. He also is amazing at synthesizing all the work we do together into wonderful simple and profound statements that feel completely impressive. In our typical design style Karen and I pushed, pulled, bumped, grinded, laughed, lept, riffed and riled each other with Art joining in the chaos of it sometimes and mediating other times, and as so often happens out of that wonderful swirling mess came some really cool possibilities. Inspired by the shape of the Summit we are beginning to imagine the next level of learning around everything co-active at CTI. We are beginning to see some exciting possibilities for advanced curriculum for coaches and leaders and for opening up the Co-Active Way for other disciplines.

I am also getting more and more excited about the Summit and what we are going to create there. I have had some incredible conversations with some of the pathway presenters and am looking forward to more. I am feeling the holographic nature of the Summit spinning into focus. The interrelatedness of all of it and the possible synergy that will happen when all of these wonderful spinning holographic elements form themselves into the meta hologram. If you haven’t signed up yet, get on it and bring in the piece that is you to this giant puzzle that is forming that will spin and turn into something that will step forward to help foster this next evolutionary step that life is taking.

I did it! I walked yesterday afternoon. It warmed up a bit and as we headed into lunch we were jamming and it wasn’t right to stop at lunch and take my walk. So I saw that there was going to be a time in the afternoon when Art was going to work on the computer to synthesize the work we had done and Karen was going to be busy on something else. So instead of my normal habit of finding something to busy myself with I headed out the door and down the hill. My calves were burning and still a bit sore from the walk the day before and I kept going I got to the bottom of the hill and I could smell rain coming and I kept going, I got to the Post Office and it started to rain. I was committed now, there was nothing that was going to get me out of the rain and take me back up that hill, I was going to get wet. So I held the intention that it wouldn’t rain hard and that I would be grown as a result of stepping past the challenges that would normally give me excuse to stop. Sure enough it just rained lightly and I took the necessary stops as I climbed that hill and when I walked in the door breathing hard with my heart pounding rapidly in my chest I was feeling pretty macho and very victorious.

3 responses to “Video and Hill

  1. Henry.. back after a while away.. you make me smile.. and very excited… and you will NEVER understand that those things that get in your way.. never get in mine. I know that there was ‘humor’ in SELF derision.. and it is about what YOU want.. but let it be known.. the world doesn’t see you as you see you. I don’t imagine that you need to hear this, and you are probably ‘way’ past this… but I wasn’t going to let it slip by me. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU .. and WHAT YOU’VE GOT PLANNED!

  2. Mmmmm, big smile on my face. Thanks for your charming big chin inviting us to exciting jumps and leaps and PLAY at the Summit! Looking forward to see/full (though smaller?) body hug you there. Angelique

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