Rhythms of the Dark and the Light

I love how the sun reflects of the waves at sunrise

It was a strange night and morning. Last night we were reading our Kindles before going to sleep and the power went out in the house. Because we are used to this and our Kindles have little lights attached to them this didn’t faze us much. I finished my paragraph and went and powered down the things that need to be powered down or things start beeping. As I walked around the house in the pitch black night and looked out the windows and saw blackness with a light or two down in the trailer park where a few people have working generators I was taken aback by the extent of the darkness. I felt a kind of vertigo for a moment when everything was so dark, not scared exactly but that sort of floaty feeling of uncertainty about which way is up and which way is down. I enjoyed that feeling for a moment or two and headed back into the bedroom, popped on my little Kindle light and finished my chapter. When we turned off our lights and sank in under our covers the complete blackness of night enveloped us again. There were none of those little blue lights from the alarm clock or the little night light in the bathroom that always put a little light into the room, it was just pitch black as we went off to sleep.

Night seemed to want to cling to the day this morning. Even though the power came back on in the middle of the night and the little lights were back on in the morning I could feel no light from the morning itself coming in, it felt like it was still the middle of the night. I got up and went into the bathroom and looked at my watch and it was already 7 in the morning and still dark. I thought for a moment, almost like that childlike part of me that didn’t know any better, “Where is the sun? Where is the morning? Is there something wrong out there? Has the sun left us?” Then the adult me came in and said that it was just getting very close to daylight savings time and we are experiencing the darkness of winter. I got my cup of tea and went up to my computer to start my practices for the morning. As I sat here I watched as the day slowly worked its light into the night. The subtle colors started showing up in the clouds and back in the east there were some beautiful shades of grays and pinks starting to mix. The clouds in front of me started getting some golden tones mixed with their silver and gray. Then the sun started striking the cliffs of Tomales Point across the bay and turning them golden and the breaking waves were lit up brightly white against the silvery water. As the golden cliffs started going more yellow and the sun rose higher I began to feel the smile in me starting to slowly rise as well.

I realized that there are all sorts of rhythms to sunrises and sunsets just as there are to my moods, fears and realizations. This mornings reminded me of the Turtle rhythms that I am practicing bringing into my life. I am aware of the need to continue opening up my consciousness to the beauty of the darkness and the wonder of the light as they slowly dance with each other to create the complete truth of life.

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