We Live in Strange and Beautiful Times

The Beautiful

We live in strange and beautiful times.

I am sitting here and looking out my window at a breathtaking sunrise of creams, pinks, silvers and the palest blues all in those wonderful fine layers stacked above a rolling sea that is reflecting back those colors all broken up in the chop of the ocean and there is this big hawk silhouetted doing large lazy circles right in the middle of it all, and it almost seems like she’s doing it because it feels right more then for some sort of hunting reason, her morning meditation. A great reminder of the beautiful times we live in within every moment.

The Strange

A great reminder of the strange times we live in was watching the news last night during this mid-term election we, here in the states, just had. What a bizarre collection of people run for elected positions. What an interesting and ravenous collection of people report about it. It was compelling and strange to watch the press with twinkles in their eyes, rub their hands together in glee as they anticipated the chaos that they were going to get to report on as a result of what was happening with the election. I too rub my hands with glee as I watch chaos approaching because of the possibilities for transformation that inevitably are bundled up with it. However these folks from the press were more excited about the chaos itself, they can’t wait to get in there and stir it up and make it all more “interesting” then it already is, to rake the muck. I finally get the term “muckraker”. And boy oh boy if you love raking muck, it surely seems like were heading into a time where there will be plenty of raking to do.

On the other side of the camera are these politicians and these voters and this amazing amount of money being spent by rich people and corporations to somehow prove to us that with enough money you can buy enough credibility and experience for any complete idiot that you might pull out of any dumpster in the land. In some cases it actually worked these rich dumpster jumpers actually beat the other guy. In many cases it didn’t work which speaks loudly to me about the basic intelligence of the voter and how fickle that intelligence is, how open for influence it is and how ungrounded it is in sunrises and circling hawks.

In my state of California I watched as two very wealthy women executives tried to buy their way into politics. A truly amazing experience given the recent reputation of corporations, wall street, and recessions. I got to watch a guy who was first elected to Governor in 1974 (two years after I cast my first vote) as a wild, young and single rebel get re-elected as a wild, old and married rebel 36 years and a bunch of failures and successes later. In other states I watched people who have never sipped a cup of tea in their lives make claims that will be completely impossible to keep and who all seemed to go to the same school of NEVER answering a question that is asked and ALWAYS spouting some completely racist, idiotic, mean or life destroying nonsense in response. In true fundamentalist intelligence to take phrases or words out of the Constitution completely out of context and shape them to some warped sense of “freedom”. UGGGH.

Finally I sit here surrounded by sunrises and plans for a Summit where I am going to stand up with a bunch of folks from all over that are truly committed to transformation and evolution of consciousness on this planet. I sit here knowing that all of this is perfect, that the chaos that is certain to emerge from last night is actually part of the evolutionary leap that we are in the midst of. Unlike the press I am not nearly as interested in covering the drama of the chaos and the fear as I am in diving into the mystery of it all and finding my way through to the new we on the other side. How will we be transformed and what will be truly important to us there? How can we stand firmly on the shaky ground of a new paradigm and lead and guide others to more solid ground? How do we live in the questions, the unknown, the mystery and still feel powerful in ourselves and connected deeply to each other?

One response to “We Live in Strange and Beautiful Times

  1. I have also had this experience of seemingly opposite states within the same reality container. And I notice that my internal cosmos get on the same rhythm as that bliss or that frenzy. How do you keep your internal space separate from the external space? How do we plug in regardless?

    Ha! I guess that was the question YOU asked in the last sentences of this post! 🙂

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