Yin Yang

A stone of unity creating ripples, hmmmmmmm

It’s getting harder and harder for this bear to crawl out of his cave in the morning. The calling of the cells to go into a deep hibernation is strong. The morning itself is having a hard time getting started. Here it is almost 7:30 and still very dark and wrapped in fog, and it’s like the morning is saying the same thing that much of me is saying “leave me alone I want to stay in bed, I am dreaming such good dreams, let me loll around a bit more.” Now I know that compared to some of my friends who live further north this is nothing. I remember once in Oslo, when I was there in November the sun didn’t come up until 10:00 or so and it went down somewhere near 3 in the afternoon. It must be even easier to be a bear up north.

So the bear in me is stretching and rubbing the crusted sleep out of his eyes and wondering what the heck he is doing up, and the turtle is stretching his neck outside of his shell and looking for the sun, yearning for the sun to warm him and give his blood a chance to warm up again. He is not in a hurry though and he’ll enjoy his time stretching his neck out and experience deeply his yearning for sun and warmth, savor it even. Good morning world from the bear and the turtle.

Today will be a good day of creativity and design. There are some great ladies returning from being warriors out in the world. They have been experimenting with new designs and are returning here to the beach to talk over how things worked and what modifications are needed before we can nod our heads and say it is good. Then we get to work on preparing one more prototype to take out next week and run some experiments on. This will be the final piece and then we will have to bring it too back to fine tune it and see how they all work together. It is a lot of fun and a lot of work and it seems to be completely worth it in the end. Because in the end out of this wonderful and strange mix of people comes these beautiful and powerful creations that will create transformative learning for the people they touch who in turn will take the skills they learn from these creations and create transformative growth with the people they touch. I just love the ripple effect of this work.

Today is also a challenge day for me. Once my bear wakes up how do I keep my commitments to mySelf and my program while I am working and playing with my team? How do I hold to the core of what I want to create with and for mySelf without taking my energy away from the collaboration? How do I grow the ideas and concepts with passion and energy without losing the needs of mySelf and my collaborators? Then next week it gets even more challenging as I go back out on the road to pilot these things and to engage in all the creative work combined with the work of being a leader combined with the commitments to mySelf. How do I keep empowering Turtle? How do I hold the good tension between all of the participating pulls of energy and stay grounded and centered? These questions are engaging me still and they have been engaging me for the last couple of years as I seem to vacillate between these poles instead of being able to find the wholeness, unity or integration of them. I often feel pulled to choose or fall into default patterns of behavior rather then finding the way to open to some sort of unified flexibility that holds it all. I was talking to my brother Sam, the Polarity Guy, the other day and he reminded me of the Yin Yang symbol, with it’s beautiful swirls of black and white that mirror each other and in the “head” of each swirl is an “eye” of the other. That’s unity isn’t it? The wisdom to know that in the darkness is always light and in the light is always darkness. In the collective is always I and in the I is always the collective. They are always swirling and dancing around each other and at the same time they contain the other. It is an amazingly wonderful model. It is the model that I will hold when it comes to this question that I have been diving into with mySelf for the last couple of years.

A good contemplation today

4 responses to “Yin Yang

  1. You may be interested in Conscious Embodiment. Conscious Embodiment offers a way to develop more unified responses that allow us to hold polarities such as autonomy and connection through accessing the wisdom of the body. This work enables us to remain in our centre, grounded while also be open to co-creating with others. Check her Wendy Palmer’s website – she is based in San Rafael, CA your home turf – she runs powerful workshops and offers individual tuition. http://web.me.com/wendyepalmer/Conscious_Embodiment/Home.html

  2. I’m so glad you find a resonance with this work – I find it speaks to me and to my clients on many levels. It’s also so congreunt with polarity/wholeness work that I love. I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to train with Wendy to deepen my understanding of the work and be able to bring it into the world.

  3. What a wonderful use of the in yang symbol. Unity. From “yin and yang” by Martin Palmer: “The balance between yin and yang is not one of mutual friendship. The Chinese understanding of balance is that it arises from handling conflict and tension, difference and diversity, and thereby creating harmony. It is not the absence of such forces. it is not some bland, “wouldn’t it be nice if there was no disagreement, no struggle…” notion. It is actually about handling conflict and balancing difference.”
    Cool right? Not bland…:-)
    Swirl on, dear friend, and thanks for sharing that swirl with us so vividly. This way we can all swirl together and feel that unity, as all is one and one is all (the Chinese have so much to teach us, there!). Angelique

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