The Silence

The Silence is such an interesting place. When I can let the chatter go, let the noise go, and tune into the spaces on either side or top or bottom of the sound of the wind or the chirp of a bird I find that so much opens up and so much becomes irrelevant. Time and space become illusion or something imaginary that I can play with. Time can be shrunken or stretched. Distance can become something to play with as well, I can ‘telephoto’ something that seems far away and bring it into sharp focus so that it feels like it is right next to me or I can look at something very close to me through the other end of the ‘telescope’ and voila it feels like it is miles away. These wonderful ways to play with space and time and so many others all show up in the silence in ways that they just don’t when I am chattering on.

There is nothing wrong with chattering on. There is lots of creativity and life that happens in the chattering. There is lots of collaboration and most of my work happens in the chattering, and I love my work. I also love what shows up in the silence. I love the quality of connection to both myself and the universe around me. I love what I become aware of in my breathing, my heartbeat and all of the little changes in the light and sounds around me. Oh listen someone just turned the water on somewhere in the house and a car just drove by and my stomach just growled at me. Those things are always going on and I just don’t take them in when all the chattering is happening and more importantly I don’t feel into the silence and the space that is the container that holds these things. So much is possible in that silence and that space.

I talk about the mystery that we are all leaping into as we evolve to the next step in our human evolution. I wonder if we will step right past it if we can’t slow ourselves down and quiet the chatter more. Like that gate to the train that takes Harry Potter to Hogwarts. Most of us muggles have no idea its there we are moving so fast and chattering along we just don’t notice. We have to quiet ourselves and we have to slow down to really feel into the magical mystery tour thats going to take us away, take us away into the next paradigm of our existence. If we don’t learn to slow down and get silent and appreciate the space we will miss that train.

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