Lynne Twist and 4 YEARS GO

I am sitting here trying to find my entry point into all of what is churning around in my mind and heart. It is very difficult to find the doorway to a nice clear hallway of unfolding story, instead I see all of these peepholes that I can’t quite fit myself through. I know each of these peepholes leads to the energy core at the center of what is tumbling around in my heart and head. Some of these peep holes are about friendship and traveling companions on this journey towards this evolutionary leap of consciousness that we all are on together. Some of these peepholes are about ideas, commitments, dedications, and actions that are stirring around in that energy core and wanting to be seen and acted upon. Some of these peepholes are about possibility and some are about despair and they both point to the same place. Some of these peepholes are about the Summit. Some of these peepholes are about the I and some are about the WE. Some are about love and respect and some are about humility and power. So many peepholes….. where is a man to start?

So let me start with the energy core and see if I can trace my way out to the peepholes instead of the other way around.

Yesterday I spent an hour and a half on a comfy easy chair, with the fire crackling, talking with my friend Lynne Twist. I probably have no public right to call her my friend, I have only talked with her and connected with her a handful of times and yet each of those times has felt like I have known her for ever and that we are easy and fast friends. I feel this amazing warmth in my heart whenever we chat that is the feeling of friendship and that feeling of awe and wonder that we both share for each other, both with who we are and what we do, a feeling of mutual respect and admiration and a complete trust that we are both on the good road to transforming human consciousness and fostering evolution of life in this universe. The moment is alive and there is no sense of rush or need to hurry the conversation and there is interest and even fascination with what each other is saying and up to in their journeys. I have this deep sense that we will know each other always even if we don’t sit down with each other for years at a time and I also have the sense that it would be a good thing to sit down more frequently. As I have grown up I haven’t had many connections that I would call friend. I have many beautiful, intimate and deep connections with colleagues, fellow students and travelers through consciousness, family and of course the amazingly complete and universal connection with my beloved Karen. This feeling with Lynne though is a unique one and I treasure it and savor it. Thank you Lynne for opening this particular energy core at the center of me.

As many of you know Lynne is doing some amazing things in this world. She is in the business of shifting paradigms, world views and pointing evolution. Her book “The Soul of Money” and business The Soul of Money Institute are about shifting us from a consciousness of “MORE” to a consciousness of “ENOUGH”, especially focused on money and possession. The natural extension of that work became her next focus “The Pachamama Alliance” which is all about creating a relationship with the earth in such a way that we move from “MORE” to “ENOUGH”. Pachamama is working with governments to rewrite their constitutions to give rights to nature as well as humans so that trees and rivers and animals are protected by the constitution like we humans are. They have already succeeded in Ecuador and are moving into relationship with other governments large and small.

The next stop on her journey has been to partner with some other folks in initiating a grassroots movement that is a call to action for all of humanity to shift the paradigm noticeably in the next 4 years called 4 YEARS GO. The thinking behind it is that most of think of transformations in 4 year increments, the transformation of high school and college and the presidency. We hold 4 years as a cellularly recognizable timeframe in which we can create a transformation. If we declare today both our responsibility for and the vision for our world in four years and then begin living into that commitment we can literally create a great turning towards life and away from destruction. The other thing that 4 YEARS GO declares is that there is an urgency and that if we don’t step into transformation and this great turning, if we don’t take responsibility both individually and collectively there is not much long term hope for life on this planet. This is not fear based reactionary talk this is information coming from future trending labs around the world where scientist were scratching their heads and feeling depressed until Lynne and some others had them add into their equations the Human Transformation factor. When that was added in the scientists found heart again and could model possibilities.

So as you can probably tell, the portholes of possibilities opened up for me to know more clearly what my work is in the world. It has become clearer and clearer that the work in developing co-active coaches and leaders who can hold a transformative agenda and guide the folks that they touch towards this great turning is extremely important work. We need to leverage the Human Transformation Factor and we are the ones to do it.

The reason I went to chat with Lynne was to let her know what we were up to in the Summit. She is giving the climactical Keynote speech where we move from gathering wisdom to creating commitment. I think she is the perfect person to move us into a collective commitment and individual commitments based on that collective commitment. In the mean time I am working on my 4 YEARS GO commitment. You could too, go to the website, click on the link above or this one 4YEARS GO and make your commitment and then come back here and let us all know what it is.

One response to “Lynne Twist and 4 YEARS GO

  1. I’ve sat at the feet of Lynne. Cried and laughed. Felt deep soul and sisterhood connection. Shared stones. Gertrude (from “The Soul of Money”) is a like a mentor to me. I’m thrilled Lynne will be part of the Summit. What a sparking keynote she’ll be! Buckle up! And pass the Kleenex!

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