Thanks for the inspiration Sis!!

My sister RevJvh (her SparkPeople name, and I am posting both here and in SparkPeople this blog) is inspiring me these days. She has enthusiastically gone about shifting paradigms, literally leaping from one life into another, leaping from reality, way of being and living into another one. She has found a way to, at age 56, move from a pretty enrolling sedentary life where movement was to be avoided at all cost and when movement occurred it was going to be done with drama (in her youth) or pain (in later years) to a life where movement is enthusiastically embraced and included in on every day activities and on vacations. Yes, vacations, vacations to tropical places which is one of those places where many of us mortals look to recline on a beach chair and have cute young people bring an endless stream of tropical drinks and nibbles. But not the inspiring RevJvh, oh sure she enjoyed plenty of “vacation like activities with friends and margaritas”, she didn’t stop there nooo, she climbed the Mayan pyramids, she zipped on a gynormous zip line out over the Caribbean, she snorkeled, and generally had fun moving and hiking or doing water aerobics every day. Wait let me say that again she had FUN doing these things. Ladies and Gentlemen you are witnessing transformation right in front of your eyes, you are seeing someone who used to breathe water now breathing air, and you are seeing someone who has shed over 150 pounds and still excitedly moving towards her goal. You go Sis!!!!

Now my sis got this whole thing started as a result of circumstances becoming completely intolerable and life needed to change. This is often the case prior to an evolutionary leap. The other way a leap can happen, I believe, is a creative burst that is inspired by all sorts of surrounding circumstances some of which may seem intolerable and some of which are just not acceptable any longer combined with either insight or deepened consciousness.

This is where I enter this picture. I declared here on this blog a couple of years ago when I began that it had become intolerable that my body and I were so disconnected and that I abused my body the way I did and that if I were to evolve to what was next for me in my life I needed to bring integrity, compassion and love into that relationship and wholeness into all parts of me. I also knew that I needed to deepen my consciousness to include and trust information about my body from my body. I had to let go of outsiders telling me all the different ways and theories of how to take control of my body and lose weight and get it together. I had to trust the wisdom of close to 50 years of yo-yoing diets and learning and being educated that I had learned and been educated. So I created a consciousness program for myself of moderation and restraint when it came to food and exercise and I noticed that first and foremost my relationship with my body changed as I started listening and loving my body. I started to move more and be moderate in what I consumed. This led to the most integrated that I have ever felt in my life and I allowed that consciousness to grow from that integration and my whole universe seemed to grow and become more clear to my expanding consciousness.

During this same time my beloved Karen was trying to work through her issues with her body with Weight Watchers and working out with a trainer and her yoga practice and my sister RevJvh was engaging with SparkPeople and working out with her trainer. I was pretty resistant to these “outsiders” and feeling a bit fragile about my newfound sense of integration and consciousness. As time went by I noticed that my body wasn’t changing much, my moderation and restraint program wasn’t producing the transformation that I was intending. My consciousness was growing, I was growing and my body wasn’t shrinking. For awhile I was excited enough about the evolving and integration, and even the closer connection that I was having with my body, that I was engaged in that I could ignore or live in a bit of denial about my body staying pretty locked in the shape that we had created together over the years.

Then along came my sister with not only her impressive weight loss, it was the transformation that was so inspirational. So as many of you already know I joined Spark People too and started tracking my food and exercise. This time though I believe I am able to come at the whole thing from a place of conscious choosing and not from a place of victimhood or judgment or losing myself to follow another plan. This time I began by creating my own plan based on my body and it’s needs and my mind, emotions and spirit based on their needs. This time I designed an alliance with my beloved Karen to do this interdependently (both alone and together). This time I have my sisters in front of me inspiring me and I am in it for the long haul, as in the rest of my life. I have even stopped being fragile about owning a scale and have ordered a really cool one that sends my measurements through wifi directly to Spark People and that doesn’t freak me out or make me feel like a victim, and if it does I will bury it somewhere in the garage. I bought this armband that pretty accurately measures all the calories I burn, both in activities during the day and even while I am sleeping, so that I can be curious about the distinctions between calories in and calories out without having to guess and cheat like I used to. So I have increased the toys, which is always good, and I have increased the ability to be conscious which is even better. Now being conscious has to do with both the inside conversation AND the outside data and with the two together I believe that I too can shift my paradigm like my inspiring sister the Rev did.

3 responses to “Inspired

  1. Wow Wow WoWZAH!!! I am beyond thrilled at your clarity…..and so grateful for ALL the inspiration that you have found!! Each step led you HERE…..and it sounds like you are Stay-ing!!!

    AHO!! With great love and admiration!!

  2. My Friend Lisa Ayre-Smith sent me this email comment regarding this blog and I wanted to put it here for all to see, Thanks Lisa.

    Hi Henry,

    I just wanted to drop you a note to say I really like the direction that your blog is going these days. It’s really positive, uplifting, and inspiring. I like to see the “movement” that is also happening with you!
    When you first spoke about “movement” and vacations, I thought back to a recent “vacation” that I had. I use quotes because it was basically a booty call. I went to go visit someone who was working during the day, so I had to entertain myself. I hadn’t rented a car, and it was a bit of a dodgy area (Hayward).

    Yet, true to my new urbanist upbringing, I was determined to walk everywhere- not only to exercise, but to slow down (like we did in R. 3) and really NOTICE everything! (I am thinking of writing a book about the juncture between Urbanism & health) I played around at the fish counter in the Mexican supermarket, did crafts from the 99 cent store while drinking coffee, and discovered divine Vietnamese desserts just a block from my hotel.

    It was interesting, because, from all outside perspectives, you could say I was depressed- moving so slowly, crying a lot, and generally being torpid (on the Enneagram I am a “Bear” too- 8 wing 9), so I do often spend long periods without exercising, and just luxuriating in the delicious feeling of rest on and in my body.
    I realized that, often, slowing down is the biggest taboo we can cross. It takes a lot of balls to have the guts to slow down, and rebel against the loud, demanding, nonstop world.

    When we finally do it, there is often a big release, and relief! For me that is crying.

    It has taken a lot of guts for me to be on “staycation” and not rushing around to exotic/erotic places (because that’s what vacations often are seen as- pure sensual indulgence). Sometimes that is what mini-vacations are for – time off in little ways, to be able to make the needed changes to keep on living daily life. : )

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