the Need to Move

It awaits me when I want to move without thinkng about what I should wear

In the last few days I have had a cold, again, and I have still been feeling the “need to move” despite the cold. This is an amazing phenomena, worthy of the universe stopping and all of humanity looking towards the heavens and singing alleluia together. First of all I can’t recall many times in my life where I ever felt “the need to move”. I often felt “I should move” or “Damn it I should move” or “maybe I’ll move later” or “no-one can tell me I should move” or my favorite “move as little as possible, recline as much as possible”. This need to move is something that isn’t coming from the conversation in my head, instead it is coming as a direct message from my body and something has opened up in the last few days to let it in unfiltered or translated. I decided to make it easy on myself and just go down to the basement and hop on the stationary recumbent bike turn on the ipod and go rather then decide if I wanted to brave the cold and the rain with my cold and go through all of the internal conversations, just make it easy to get the legs moving and the sweat flowing.

First of all I think it is great that my body is saying “I need to move” and saying it clearly and loudly enough that it can get through the red tape in the brain directly to command central and get me moving, I mean that is literally a relatively novel and rare experience.

toys for the brain, space for the body

Second of all my brain is currently engaged in playing with these new toys. It is busy being curious with the readouts that come from my cool new armband that tells me how many calories I am burning and whether or not my exercise was moderate or vigorous. It is loving engaging with the questions of how accurate the readings are and whether or not I should wear it on my arm when I ride the bike or on my leg. It is curious at how many calories are burned while I sleep and how my calorie deficit or surplus directly effects my weight loss or gain.

No more secrets.

Which brings me to the second toy it is excited playing with. I got this wifi scale 🙂 Me who has completely sworn off scales for the “rest of my life” as an evil invention that would keep us all depressed for the rest of our lives, yes that me, actually bought a scale. Not only did I buy a scale though I bought a scale that can tell me how much of my weight is fat and how much of it is lean body mass, and when I get on it that information is immediately sent over the internet to my Spark People page and is added into my weight goal. So I can’t even cheat or lie and pretend that I am losing weight or protest that I am not when in fact I am. I also can’t hide from myself or the world if I am gaining weight. Whether these two devices are accurate or not almost doesn’t matter, I think, what matters is that my brain is all curious and excited about seeing what happens that I am actually able to hear my body say “I need to move”. Now that is cool.

The other thing that is cool is that brightening my consciousness and opening up my awareness has taken on a new dimension. In addition to being conscious about my food, where it comes from and how it was grown, that it tastes good and that I lovingly relate to it, that I am aware of when I have had enough and am able to measure more accurately what actually will satisfy me and when I put too much on my plate I am able to stop when I am satisfied, I am now also aware of how many calories there are in what I am eating and how that directly goes into my body. I am also becoming aware of calories in and calories out and that kind of consciousness has grown up considerably from the “need to eat less and exercise more” to “look how many calories I burn while I sleep and look at how much I must have eaten unconsciously in order to create the surplus of calories that I did to keep all this excess weight on my beautiful body. So as you can see consciousness work is taking on other dimensions.

One response to “the Need to Move

  1. Hi Honey:

    Lordy but you are CUTE! The opening of this post just made me laugh out loud really hard! You do that so often. I love the brightness that you are bringing to this conversation. . .it is a conversation that could most certainly USE some brightening.

    This post reminds me that, out beyond the shoulds and should nots, the “good” and “bad” food, the breathtaking array of messages that we get from people who “know” about how we should take care of ourselves. ..out in the wide open spaces beyond all that NOISE there is discovery. ..and adventure. . .and.. .dare I say. ..FUN!

    What a treat to be able to share the ride with you.

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